Slingshot Airlock 2 Screw Valve Base Only Slingshot Airlock 2 Screw Valve Base Only

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The Slingshot Scre Valve / Airlock 2 Screw Valve Base Only

This is only the valve Base that attaches to the bladder. You can save money by purchasing the valve base only and reusing the cap that is currently on your kite. Unless otherwise damaged, the valve caps generally do not go bad and can be reused with no issues. If you have any questions, please give us a call.


The  will NOT WORK in the old Airlock 1 valve base (Cabrinha Airlock with old-style cap, pre-2014), but WILL WORK in 2014 and newer Cabrinha Airlock 2 valves. valves are all made with TearAid to work with any type or color of bladder, and there is an option for "With Velcro" or "Without" Velcro. The velcro can help hold the valve in place in the casing without having to use both hands to tighten it to keep the bladder from twisting sideways in the kite's casing.

This is the SAME VALVE as the Slingshot Complete Screw Valve, but it's listed twice, once under each brand. So the CAP ONLY part will work on either the Airlock 2 or Complete screw valves.

If you're unsure which value is required for your replacement project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: [email protected] or phone: 361-704-6659

MEGA Option: The MEGA valve option actually refers to the PATCH SIZE as being Mega. It's a 4" diameter as opposed to the standard valve which has a 3" diameter. This extra inch means 77% more adhesive base surface area than the standard valve, though, being a circle, so it's a big difference. The Main purpose for a MEGA-patch valve is for when the valve must but cut from the bladder leaving a larger hole than if the old valve just peeled off. It's also useful if there are tears or warping in the bladder material next to the hole where the valve should be placed.

The Bladder Patch Install Kit is for use when your old valve has to be cut out of the bladder leaving a hole larger than the valve. If your old valve peels off of your bladder easily, you do NOT need the bladder patch kit. The Bladder Patch Install Kit includes a  4 X 4 bladder patch protective piece and a 6x6-Inch (15.24 x 15.24cm) adhesive patch.

The "Add Velcro" option provides you with attached Velcro at the base of the valve just as you would see with the original factory bladder.  This part of the valve goes on the inside of the kite casing; the Velcro prevents the bladder from twisting when tightening the screw-cap.

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