Naish 2024 Foil Mast - Carbon HM (High Modulus)

Naish 2024 Foil Mast - Carbon HM (High Modulus)

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2024 Foil Mast Carbon HM (High Modulus)

The New Naish Carbon HM (High Modulus) foil mast is crafted with the top technological advancements in the industry. With its variable chord technology, this mast has been designed for ultimate control in speed and turning. Its ultra-stiff carbon construction has been fine-tuned for optimal torsion and bending stiffness to provide the ideal balance between locked-in control and maneuverability. Its precise construction allows instantaneous transmission of rider input to the foil, delivering a precise and connected riding experience unlike any other. The new foil section has been specifically crafted to prevent ventilation, meaning that you can enjoy increased top-speed performance without spinning out. The Naish Carbon HM foil mast is not just engineered for performance but also for durability. Its strategically placed high modulus carbon laminate in combination with a dual expansion foam core, offers the perfect balance between lightweight construction and high performance. The Naish Carbon HM foil mast is the perfect choice for those who demand the absolute best. Get ready to elevate your foiling experience to the next level with this incredible piece of craftsmanship. The mast includes hardware to connect to the fuselage, hardware to connect the mast to the board, and a padded cover. "

Sizes: 75cm | 85cm | 95cm

Key Details:
  • Variable Chord - Combines high torsion stiffness with a decreased wetted surface area at high speeds.
  • New Foil Section  - Prevents ventilation and increases stability at top speed.
  • Ultra Stiff Bending and Torsion Carbon Construction - Provides the necessary control to go fast and turn at high speeds.
  • High Modulus Carbon Layup - Strategically placed high modulus carbon laminate optimizes the balance between high performance and lightweight construction.
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