Naish 2024 Hover DW Foil Board - Lightwind Wingboarding

Naish 2024 Hover DW Foil Board - Lightwind Wingboarding

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Naish 2024 Hover Ascend Downwind Foil Board - Lightwind  Wingboarding

Introducing the new Hover Downwind models, designed and developed in partnership with Austin Kalama and our team on Maui. These SUP foiling boards are the perfect choice for both seasoned professionals and aspiring riders looking to experience the thrill of downwind paddling. Crafted with the utmost precision, the Hover DW is available in 105 and 125-liter board volumes, offering a well-balanced design in length, width, rocker, and hull shape. This combination ensures accessibility without ever compromising on performance and speed. With exceptional attention to detail, the Hover DW has been designed and developed to revolutionize the world of downwind SUP foiling. The maximized waterline and beveled rails facilitate the generation and optimization of momentum with each paddle stroke, allowing riders to achieve directional stability and lift-off onto the foil with maximum ease. Furthermore, the beveled bottom ensures lateral stability during acceleration and facilitates quick lift-off, enabling riders to glide and ride swiftly across the waves. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring rider, the Hover DW is the top choice for your next downwind adventure.

105L - 7'1" x 22.5"
125L - 7'4" x 25"

Key Features:
  • MAXIMUM WATERLINE - Creates additional glide making take-offs as easy as possible even in light wind conditions with minimal chop or during flatwater pop-ups
  • HIGH-DENSITY PVC FOIL TRACK SYSTEM WITH (2) 10" US BOXES - The carbon reinforced high-density PVC blocks reach from the deck to the bottom laminate providing the strongest, most direct foil connection to the board
  • RECESSED DECK - Provides a premium feel and control while adding stability
  • BEVELED RAILS - Creates additional rail clearance in turns while minimizing the affected wetted surface during involuntary touchdown
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