Naish 2024 Hover Kite  Macrochip - 100cm  Pocket Foil Board

Naish 2024 Hover Kite Macrochip - 100cm Pocket Foil Board

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Naish 2024 Hover Kite Macrochip - Pocket Foil Board

The Microchip and Macrochip will unlock the relationship you and your foil have always been looking for.  Featuring a full carbon 3K layup, both models offer an exceptional level of connection between rider and foil that unlocks incredible levels of versatility; if you?re looking for maximum performance, make sure one of these models is part of your quiver!  The low swing weight of both models gives you complete confidence as you go through each maneuver and helps reduce fatigue during longer sessions.
New this season, the ?Macrochip?, is a 100 cm version of the microchip. This board is designed for advanced riders and larger riders looking to take their foiling skills to the next level. It features an increased nose rocker, ideal for towing and dock starts, as well as centered inserts that allow riders to utilize straps for added stability and control. This combination of features makes the Macrochip an incredibly dynamic board, perfect for hydrofoil big air and blasting around your local spot.
Overall, these two boards offer foiling aficionados the opportunity to enjoy the next level of kite hydrofoiling.

  • 100 x 36cm (Macrochip)
Key Features:
  • NEW SIZE - MACROCHIP 100 CM - Larger construction with more nose rocker than the microchip to make it taxiable on top of the water
  • NEW FOOT STRAP INSERTS ON THE MACROCHIP 100 CM - Giving the option for added stability and control
  • FULL 3K CARBON CONSTRUCTION - Producing a stiff, strong and light board
  • ROUNDED EDGES - Provides a more forgiving ride
  • HIGH-DENSITY PVC FOIL TRACK SYSTEM WITH (2) 10? US BOXES - Our high-density PVC foil track system with (2) 10? US boxes will get you on the fin or the foil as quickly as possible
  • NEW - MORE NOSE ROCKER - The increased nose rocker allows for forgiving touch downs when coming off the foil

  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Medium Density Pad with Diamond Grooved and Embossed Texture
  • 3K CARBON Construction
  • 80 kg PVC Core = Solid, durable board
  • 100 g UD Carbon Strip Top and Bottom = Disperses the load of the foil and riders weight
  • 3K Carbon Deck and Bottom = Stiff, strong, light board
  • High Tensile Fiberglass = Outstanding strength-to-weight-ratio
  • Diamond Grooved & Embossed Medium Density Pads with Kick Tail = Improved grip

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