S27 Naish Matador LT - 3 Wing Deal - Over 60% Off

S27 Naish Matador LT - 3 Wing Deal - Over 60% Off

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3 Wings Deal -


The Matador LT takes the Wingsurfer Matador and makes it even leaner and meaner. With the same basic outline, shape and overall structure of the Matador, the Matador LT remains a powerful and stable wing. But sometimes less is more.

For even lighter overall weight the Matador LT comes with a window free canopy and with no removable Y-Handles. Strut shape and diameter have been modified to provide even tighter canopy tension and an additional boost in overall power. Where the Matador has five individual strut handles, two in the front and three in the back, the LT has only three - wide ergonomic grab handles. If you want all the power and stability, but with the minimum swing weight possible for flagging on bumps, swells and waves, the Matador LT does more with less!

SIZES: 3m | 4m | 5m | 6m


  •     3 Wide Ergonomic Handles
  •     Windowless design (Warning: limited visibility)
  •     No Y-Handles (reduced weight)
  •     Kevlar Leading Edge Reinforcements
  •     Integrated Leash Attachment
  •     Bladder Lock
  •     SureLock Valve
  •     One Point Inflation system with 8 mm hoses
  •     HT Plus LE seam
  •     Coil Wrist Leash and Bag Included
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