Naish Triad Freeride Package - S27 Triad, Torque 2 Bar, S27 Hero Board w/Bindings

Naish Triad Freeride Package - S27 Triad, Torque 2 Bar, S27 Hero Board w/Bindings

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Naish Triad Freeride Kiteboarding Package


  • Naish S27 Triad
  • Naish Torque 2 Bar
  • Naish Short Leash
  • Naish S27 Hero Twin Tip Board
  • Naish Apex Bindings

?The Triad is the all-purpose kite in the Naish lineup that is geared to be super reliable and user-friendly with plug and play rigging that is ready to help you make the most out of your session.? - The Kiteboarder

The ultimate all-around wave riding machine, built to suit any rider?s needs, the Triad is intuitive, predictable, forgiving, and offers unmatched drift and control in any size surf. This three-strut kite has a center luff strut similar to the Boxer, which allows you to easily fly the Triad while overpowered. You can confidently pump up a Triad one to two sizes larger than you normally would, giving you lots of power with no compromises on control. The Quad-Tex ripstop material is durable, delivering a lighter and more responsive kite. If you are searching for a kite that does it all, the Triad will provide you just that, and more.

TORQUE 2 + i3 Quick Release

The new Torque 2 + i3 Control System with snap-in reload quick release trim loop offers superior safety and functionality, ideal for all riders and styles. The Quick Release is ISO Certified, setting the standard for ease of use and reliability. Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, reloading the Quick Release is extremely easy, featuring a single hand click-in reset. The trim line and flagging lines are in a dual chamber PU tube that is streamlined and comfortable on the hands. For those in search of a functional, ultra-reliable, and durable control system, you?ve finally met your match with the all new Torque 2 + i3.

Sizes: 130x41.5, 135x42, 140x43, 145x43.5

?The Hero manages to tick a lot of boxes and capably bridges the gap between beginner/school and progression ? it?s great to see a brand putting a lot of thought into this sector of the market.? - The Kite Mag

The perfect board to take you from zero to Hero. With performance at the forefront of design for this beginner-friendly board, the Hero features a wider shape that makes it a great light-wind, stable board. The Hero?s ample flex and rocker allow for a smooth ride through chop and smooth landings while learning to jump. The Hero is a user-friendly board loved by riders of all levels, and is not to be underestimated in the freeride realm.

Apex Bindings
Designed for superior comfort and performance, the Apex is the market?s leading ergonomic binding for all styles of twin tip riding in a low profile color scheme. Featuring our exclusive X-Factor Ergo Strap, every rider can have precision positioning and adjustability while still retaining remarkable comfort. The four-way adjustable foot strap can also be conformed to both large and small feet, keeping kiters locked-in and confident when riding. One of the most comfortable and lightweight bindings on the market, the Apex gives riders a direct pad-to-board contact and seamless feel.
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