North Kiteboarding Navigator Release Pin O-Ring - Sold Individually

North Kiteboarding Navigator Release Pin O-Ring - Sold Individually

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North Navigator Release Pin O-Ring

Replacement Navigator Control System Release Pin O-Ring

Installation Instructions:

  • Tools needed: Tap Out Tools (eg small tap or allen key, or small cross tip screw driver and a small mallet or hammer)
  • Step 1 - Pull the quick release up in the direction of the arrow.
  • Step 2 - Locate the knurled pin that holds the release pin in place. Th elocking pin will be marked with a dot on one end. This is the end of the pin that you will need to "tap out: to remove the release pin in order to access the small o-ring. Rempove the Release Pin from inside the QR body.
  • Step 3 - Remove the Release Pin from the QR and locate the O-ring. Note how th e O-ring is installed and then remove the old o-ring.
  • Step 4 - Install new o-Ring. Take you new o-ring and hook it over the top of the release pin end and stretch it iver the hook on the end of the cam part.
  • Step 5 - Re-install the release pin inside the QR body by pushing the knurled locking pin back in place, dot-end first. Ensure each end of the locking pin is flush with the corresponding surfaces ont he QR body. Note: It is best to push the locking pin back into the QR body from the side where the knurling was seated.
  • Step 6 - Test the quick release is functioning correctly.

North Part: 85007.210102

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