2024 North Nova Wing

2024 North Nova Wing

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2024 North Nova - Balanced, Efficient Freeride Wing

The Nova Freeride is a balanced, easy-to-use all-round wing with a wide wind range, low end power, high-end stability, and light, intuitive handling. For 2024 we've introduced Carbon UDi Technology into the wingtips, stiffening the airframe and enabling it to snap back into shape faster after tricks and manoeuvres. We've also changed the draft position and depth, making the wing even more balanced and user-friendly. The new radial load diffuser ensures more even tensioning and a tighter canopy for enhanced performance. Master of the upwind, glide through tacks, float through gybes, and lofty jumps with bonus hangtime. Whatever goal you?re chasing, the Nova will send you there faster.

At a glance:
  • Instant up & go
  • Structurally Balanced Freeride Shape
  • Carbon UDi Technology
  • New N-X6 Trailing Edge Panels
  • New Radial Load Diffuser
  • Maximum low-end power
  • 1.9m | 2.5m | 2.9m | 3.5m | 4.2m | 5m | 6m

  • Suits new riders to seasoned pros
  • Stable geometry with nose-positive lift
  • Compact outline for upwind efficiency
  • New Radial Load Diffuser for even tensioning
  • Balanced trailering for riding swell
  • Maximum low-end power for instant up & go
  • New effective wide-angle windows
  • Intuitive rigid GripLock handles
  • Independent double chamber HyperFlow
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Excellent loft and hangtime

Design Features
  • Carbon UDi Technology - Anti deflection uni directional carbon tapes are placed inside the leading edge on strategic high load areas to provide additional wingtip stiffening while keeping the wing lightweight and responsive. North Sails is renowned for using this technology in their podium proven 3Di race sails. We?ve taken the same material and implemented it in the Nova Wingtips. To counteract the increased frame stiffness and to ensure the wing remains stable at the top end, we?ve tapered the leading edge diameter to the wing t ips. The tension of the trailing edge and overall skin tension gives the wing more low end power. But then on the high end, the ability of the tips to reflex away allows that excess power to bleed off.
  • New N X6 Trailing Edge Panels - For a wing that lasts longer than one season. Engineered specifically for use in the highly loaded TE area, the durable and lightweight N X6 panels help to maintain shape hold over time, provide greater TE tension, dampen flutter and help to create a cleaner release with minimal drag. The lightweight, low elongation trailing edge panels on the Nova are made from N X6, a new high  performance, stretch resistant wing canopy material specifically designed to handle higher loads. S ymmetrical 6 yarn reinforcement is woven into the fabric every 10mm, both in the warp and weft direction, ensuring the material is ultra low stretch with ultra high tear strength.
  • New Radial Load Diffuser - For even Canopy Tensioning and Reduced Drag . The radial load diffuser provides reinforcement at  the end of the strut and wingtips that helps to distribute tension more evenly in defined load directions, ultimately creating a cleaner canopy with less distortion, which results in reduced drag.
  • Maximum Low End Power - The Nova gets you up and gliding in the lightest of wind with minimum effort. Its profile depth, outline and the stiffness of its airframe are all optimised for maximum power.
  • Refined Wide Angle Window Positioning - New LiteVision strategic positioning helps you see downwind and improves safety on the water, while keeping weight to a minimum.
  • N-HTRS High Performance Canopy Material - The Nova is constructed from a high performance, high tenacity ripstop (N HTRS) canopy material, with a lightweight and durable Dacron LE and Strut. Combined with the N X6 reinforcement on the trailing edge, this provides the perfect balance of weight to strength where needed
  • Durable and Lightweight Dacron Airframe - Chasing a stiffer airframe, we?ve used an ultra strong high tenacity Dacron for the  inflated structures, resulting in less deflection and movement and a stiffer overall frame during flight. The lower stretch material keeps the shape clean and undisturbed under load. We've also built stiffness into the design through the load distribution on the frame, and strategically placed a double layered LE reinforcement in the load bearing area of the strut to LE connection. The  Carbon UDi Technology further improves the rigidity and response.
  • Kevlar Strut Connection - A biaxial kevlar ( fibre layer provides internal strength and reinforcement to the connection at the XL T Joint between strut and leading edge. It is bias cut, so it can flex around the curvature of the strut, with a tight and accurate fit.
  • Comfort Knuckle Guard - The water resistant custom moulded EVA knuckle guard under the front handle protects your fingers from abrasion when depowering.
  • Carbon UDi Technology
  • N-X6 Panels
  • N-HTRS High Performance Canopy Material
  • Durable and Lightweight Dacron Airframe
  • Lightweight bladders
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