North 2024 Scoop Performance Foil Board

North 2024 Scoop Performance Foil Board

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2024 North Scoop - Performance Kite/Tow-In Foilboard - Ride like the wind    

A direct and responsive performance foilboard with instant touchdown recovery. The Scoop features an intuitive concaved deck for smooth transitions and easy steering. The lightweight Hybrid Carbon construction is engineered with a structurally reinforced core for impact resistance and rigidity. Combined with its forgiving hull shape, this durable construction makes the Scoop ideal for Freeride and Freestyle foiling. For 2024 we?ve re-engineered the Scoop with a triplane hull design for earlier takeoffs and faster release. The angled planing surfaces, refined rocker and finer bevelled rails give the board a more balanced, forgiving touchdown recovery on more variable angles. One of our most versatile foilboards, the Scoop delivers a trusted platform for strapped big wave tow-foiling ? from Pe?ahi to your local 2ft beach break. It is also your ideal expedition partner for comfortable long distance kitefoil missions or an after-work sundowner.    

  • 120x46cm | 135x49cm    
  • Board, DropBox Screw Pack (4x M8x30mm, 4x T-Nuts)
Key Features:
  • Tri-plane hull design    
  • Refined rocker    
  • Finer bevelled rails    
  • New max-traction non-abrasive deckpad    
  • Dropbox fast foil mounting    
  • Ultra-lightweight hybrid carbon technology    
  • Integrated PVC structural stringer system    
  • Free-V and Free Foil Strap Inserts (straps sold separately)    
  • Includes foil to board mounting hardware    
  • Foil sold separately    
  • Recommended with Sonar MA, HA Series for Kite Foiling.                                

Tri-plane hull design    
  • Designed for earlier takeoffs and faster release. The double V-shape in the bottom contour of the board is created by a single concave in the centre with an angled planing surface on each side. The water tracks from the central concave and side rails to the two longitudinal spines, allowing the board to lift and release quickly, without sticking. The angled-planing surfaces run right through to the tail, allowing you to touch down on more variable rail angles without catching.    
Refined overall rocker    
  • For 2024 we?ve smoothed out the overall rocker, adding a little more rise in the tail and less lift in the nose. The more balanced rocker makes it easier to come down and back up again. The more forgiving tail shape also helps the nose to stay up.        
Intuitive Concaved Deck    
  • The highly concaved deck allows more intuitive foot positioning and also acts like a counterbalance, so you don't feel like you are heeling over as far on the board.        
Refined bevelled rails    
  • The slightly finer bevelled rails have been tuned to match the smoother rocker. Bevelled rails help with touchdown recovery, creating a wider deck with a narrower footprint. The effect is like having a smaller board. You don?t stick when you touch the water, but you still have the standing area for comfort.    
DropBox for fast-mounting (165x90 bolt spacing)    
  • Allows you to precision-tune the foil setup for your weight and comfort.    Mounting compatibility with any Foil System featuring a 165x90 bolt pattern. The track system is structurally integrated between the top and bottom laminate for maximum support. The DropBox screws and t-nuts are now installed into the mast tracks (so you don?t lose your nuts).    
Ultra-lightweight hybrid carbon technology    
  • Lighter weight for manoeuvrability and glide, with hybrid carbon technology to create a stiffer more responsive feel. The light yet durable epoxy composite laminate, with a balanced carbon and e-glass fibre layup is wrapped around an EPS core. High-density closed-cell PVC reinforcement around the foil track mount, leash-plug and foot strap inserts spreads the load. An ultra-lightweight double bamboo reinforcement layer under the standing area adds greater impact resistance and rigidity.  Integrated PVC structural stringer system    The DropBox foil mounting tracks are embedded into a high-density closed-cell PVC block. Two high-density PVC stringers are glued to each side of this block, distributing the load lengthwise, and the full system connects the top and bottom laminate skins for maximum support.        
New low-abrasion max-traction deckpad    
  • Better traction without the abrasive surface. Our new custom heat-embossed deckgrip offers a more intuitive and direct connection to your foil. The integrated tail kicker allows easy tactile foot placement, while transverse markers on the deckpad provide a visual stance reference.    
V-Strap and centreline inserts (straps sold separately)    
  • The centreline and V-strap insert mounting pattern allows you to customise your stance with 5 different positioning options for each strap - or go strapless. Free-Lo, Free, Free-V or Free-Lo V Foil Straps are sold separately.                  

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