Ocean Rodeo Glide A Series Wing - Demo 5.0m - Excellent Condition!

Ocean Rodeo Glide A Series Wing - Demo 5.0m - Excellent Condition!

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Ocean Rodeo Glide A-Series - Demo 5m, Comes with Bag and Soft Handles

40% lighter than the industry standard!

  • 2.5m | 3.0m | 4.0m | 5.0m | 6.0m | 7.0M

We took everything we learned while developing our A-Series kite range and all the technological advancements and opportunities that the ALUULA composite material provides and implemented them into the A-Series wing design.

When we first revealed the ALUULA material to the public, there was reasonable and valid debate as to whether the hype would really match up to the material?s potential, and to the performance levels that we were promising. Happily, as we?re now hearing from every corner of the planet as more and more people put ALUULA to the test, the hype has lived up to our expectations, and then some!

Lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more responsive than the competition, a new standard has been set in wingsurfing with the A-Series wings, and it continues to develop as we explore the endless possibilities that ALUULA presents us.

Every Ocean Rodeo Glide wing is fitted with our interchangeable Matrix handle system. Wings come with the Matrix handles pre-installed, yet allow the rider to customize handles and positions at their preference.  

At the dawn of a new sport, the future has already arrived.

  • SIZE (M)                   2.5      3           4             5           6         7
  • WEIGHT (Lbs)           2.9      2.95       3.6         4.05       4.55     5.3
  • WEIGHT (Kg)            1.3      1.33       1.63        1.83       2.06     2.4
  • WIND RANGE (kn)    24+      25 -35    15 - 30    12-25    10-15    6-15

UNITY WRIST LEASH - Included with all Ocean Rodeo wings, the Unity wrist leash is designed not to let go during a flogging.
  • Shock cord loaded Amsteel rope.
  • Double backed wrist leash design to disperse load.
  • Secure loop-to-loop connection to the leading edge of the wing.
SOFT HANDLE SET - The Soft Matrix Handles come standard with every Gide
  • Ultra light and strong, the removable Matrix handles shine when wave riding or connecting chop on prolonged downwinders, keeping the trailing edge of the wing as light as possible for the ultimate in drifting performance.
  • Built tough with ergonomically shaped EVA sheathed by rugged nylon tube webbing.  Handles are connected to the strut by velcro locking tabs which allow the rider to change handles styles and positions. Multiple harness line connection points are made possible via webbing loops located at each handle end.
CARBON HANDLE SET 32 cm x 2 (One pair of 32 cm carbon handles will fit all Ocean Rodeo wing sizes.)
  • Compression molded Carbon, these handles are both strong and lightweight. Featuring a 25 mm diameter embossed grip with non slip finger ridges for extra control.
  • Swapping a handle set between wing sizes is quick and easy with no screws, velcro or other attachment devices required.
  • The Carbon handle set comes complete with a padded handle bag.

Available in 2 sizes:
  • 94 cm - fits 2.5M to 5M
  • 110 cm - fits 4M to 7M
Adjustable Carbon Bar Features:
  • Light and strong, made with 12 K twill weave Carbon, the Carbon Bar delivers additional stiffness to the inflatable strut. The ability to generate more power and better manage overpowered situations is enhanced.
  • Riding with the Carbon Bar is the ultimate setup to get the most out of your Ocean Rodeo wing, allowing for aggressive riding and precision control. No more searching for grab handles during maneuvers!
  • The generous oval tube diameter delivers exceptional torsional / lateral control during powered maneuvers, while the embossed grip provides a secure connection in all conditions and the adjustable back post makes swapping the bar between sizes quick and easy.
  • The Carbon Bar comes complete with a padded bar bag that clips to the side of the wing bag

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