Ocean Rodeo Glide AA Series Wing - 20% Off

Ocean Rodeo Glide AA Series Wing - 20% Off

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Glide AA-Series Wing - All Around - Surf / Freestyle / Race Wingboarding Wing

New for 2023, the Glide AA is our first all ALUULA composite wing and the launch pad for new ALUULA technologies: Aeris and Aeris X airframe and canopy materials.
86gsm Aeris X delivers outstanding stiffness to the center of the leading edge and strut tube, while 74gsm Aeris provides the desired wing tip reflex.
Light, stiff and durable, 46gsm Aeris X canopy extends the upper and lower wind range of each size, while taking canopy tear resistance to a new level.
The combination of these technological upgrades results in a wing that is exceptionally stable, lightweight and user-friendly. This advanced wing allows you to concentrate on your riding experience without being hindered by any drawbacks typically associated with traditional wings.
The Glide AA is compatible with all Ocean Rodeo Matrix wing handles and comes with the new Quick Click Wing Leash - a self aligning connector pin makes clicking in and out a one-handed operation.
Recycle-ready - The ALUULA Aeris and Aeris X materials used for the airframe and canopy in the Glide AA-Series are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Sizes / Weights:
  • 3m  - TBA
  • 4m - 3.25lbs
  • 5m - 3.65lbs
  • 6m - 4.35
  • 7m - TBA

Full Aluula Airframe - The inflatable airframe features ultra light and stiff Aeris X 86 gsm in the center section, with Aeris 74 gsm in the wing tips. Experience a stiffer centre section combined with enhanced flex on the wing tips, delivering unrivaled control, smooth handling, and balanced weight distribution.

  • Dynamic Shape Retention - Experience the power of Dynamic Shape Retention. Our advanced pre-stressing technique applied to the canopy ensures the airfoil retains its original designed shape for the life of your wing.
  • Radial Cut Canopy - The Radial cut canopy design distributes the load more evenly along the fibers of the Aeris X composite. This results in a canopy that holds its shape better, even under heavy loads and varying wind conditions. The panels of the canopy align with the principal stresses, allowing for a more efficient transfer of forces throughout the wing and more power delivery.
  • Reinforced Canopy - The canopy's reinforcements, overlays and anti-flutter strips now benefit from ALUULA's remarkable strength to weight ratio and its superior abrasion resistance when compared to Dacron and other much heavier abrasion solutions.
  • Dual Valve Inflation - The airframe features individual inflate/deflate valves for both the leading edge and the strut, which allow for specific pressures to be set for each spar, and lock in the tension of the canopy, maintaining the designed airfoil shape.  All Ocean Rodeo wings feature an industry-first high pressure strut which is safe at 12psi. Each size of Glide-AA wing has a recommended psi for the leading edge.
  • Knuckle Saver Neoprene Handle - You know the conditions are good when you chafe your knuckles during long downwind drifts. The leading edge behind the handle is padded with neoprene for improved comfort while the handle itself is stiffened to provide additional control while one handed wave riding.
  • Quad Lock Seams - Used specifically on the shaping seams of struts, Quad Lock stitching delivers more than twice the strength of standard strut seam constructs, and was another innovation specifically tailored for the ALUULA airframe wings.
  • ALUULA Aeris Wingtips - 86gsm Aeris X delivers outstanding stiffness to the center of the leading edge and strut tubes, while 74gsm Aeris provides the desired wing tip reflex.
  • Introducing the Quick Click Leash! - A self aligning connector pin makes clicking in and out a one-handed operation. Fitted with a stainless swivel, leash line twists are minimized, while sorting board and wing leash tangles has never been easier. The leash cord is bungee loaded webbing covered for strength and low tangle potential. Comes with leash extension for waist harness use. During its development, the Quick Click connector proved its mettle in extreme wing foiling conditions, backed up by a punishing sequence of mechanized load tests.

  • A lighter wing means better handling in all conditions. - ALUULA, an ultra-light, ultra-strong and stable composite material not only improves light wind performance, but also increases handling, stability and flying performance in all wind conditions. This makes an ALUULA wing more efficient than a standard wing, performing better in all respects, including improved flex for more reactive pumping, lighter weight for easy hand work and balanced one handed drifting.

Why do you need the lightest wings on the market?
  • Better for all styles of riding. Downwinders, surf, freestyle and more. With improved response in all conditions, you'll enjoy easier transitions, better light wind and enhanced top end control due to reduced distortion in gusts delivered by the stretch resistant ALUULA.
  • Better wind range. Every Ocean Rodeo wing features the full ALUULA strut. Built to withstand 12 psi, this high pressure strut connects your input directly to the leading edge and canopy without delay or distortion.
  • Better for travel. When two A-Series wings weigh the same as one traditional wing, it's a no-brainer...carry more gear on your trips with less fear of excess baggage charges.

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