Q-PowerLine Pro Line Set for 2019 - 2022  Duotone  Trust bar

Q-PowerLine Pro Line Set for 2019 - 2022 Duotone Trust bar

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Q-PowerLine Pro Line Set for 2019 - 2022 Duotone Trust bar

You would have to send your bar in because one of the front lines needs to be sewn on.

This is a custom built set of replacement fly lines for the Duotone Trust Bar. Upgrade you Trust Bar to Q-Power Line Pro and feel the difference these amazing lines make on your bar. The lines are 20m or 22m in length depending on Bar size with stitched loops on the lne ends.

Q-PowerLine Pro is the only fly line specifically engineered for kiteboarding and power kite applications, and it is no wonder there is nothing better when you see what it is. Q-PowerLine Pro's amazing feature is that you CAN TIE KNOTS in it without any loss of strength like you would find in standard spectra line.

The Q-PowerLine Pro is made with a linear core line surrounded by a protective jacket. Traditional fly lines are made from a woven Spectra that over time that will relax and allow water, salt, and other grime to penetrate into the weave and make the line "settle" to a shorter length. Since the internal fibers of Q-PowerLine Pro are linear, there is no "settling" or "stretch" of the lines since there is no weave. The protective jacket is woven in an extremely tight braid and does not allow for dirt or salt particles to get imbedded in the line. These properties dramatically increase the life-span of the line for normal kite-flying use.

The Q-PowerLine Pro line is thinner and stronger than the regular Q-PowerLine thanks to the new linear Spectra core. In a round braid, the effective diameter is minimized while retaining the strength meaning less drag and more performance. Q-Power helps you FEEL what the kite is doing, improves kite responsiveness, minimizes the need to "retune" the line lengths, and reduces the kite's instability.

Simply put, Q-PowerLine Pro is the best combination of fiber, overbraid, strength, longevity, anti-tangling, and drag-reduction ever produced for kitesurfing and power kite applications.

Linesets come with loops on all ends with the option to add custom pigtails.


  • Spectra 2000 Linear Fiber for the highest strength/weight ratio
  • Round braid line with linear core minimizes drag with almost zero percent stretch
  • High modulus (stiffness) reduces tangling, especially in the water
  • Unique, extremely tight overbraid increases stiffness, resists dirt pickup, and allows for tying knots to adjust length without weakening line
  • PU Coated, it's self-lubricating for smooth action
  • 1000lb


We have a variety of pigtail options, the most popular being the Kook-Proof and Universal Pigtails, but can custom make pigtails for any kite model and brand.

Kook-Proof Kiteboarding Pigtail Set:

PKS Kook-Proof Pigtail Sets are complete 8-piece sets, set up in kook-proof fashion with different colors for inside and outside lines, and pre-set knots and pull-tabs for ease of use.

  • 2 grey loop-loop pigtails
  • 2 grey loop-3 knot pigtails
  • 2 red loop-loop pigtails
  • 2 red loop-3 knot pigtails

Universal Kiteboarding Pigtail Set:

PKS Universal Pigtail Sets are a set of 4 pigtails, set up with a loop on one end and a loop and knot on the other with different colors for inside and outside lines.

  • 4 loop-loop/knot pigtails

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