Slingshot Half Strap Foot Hook 2.0 (Set of Two) - 50% Off

Slingshot Half Strap Foot Hook 2.0 (Set of Two) - 50% Off

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The Slingshot Half Strap 2.0 Foot Hooks provide key leverage and a locked-in feel with the confidence of knowing you can kick free of your board when you crash.  Foot hooks are sold individually with screws and washer.

  • Provides support and safety for your foiling
  • Perfect learning tool for entry-level foilers
  • Safer than straps, prevents ankle injuries
  • Universal mount with variable stance and angle adjustments
  • One size fits all, bootie compatible
  • Offered from the leaders in foil technology
  • Sold individually with screws and washer.

Standard foot straps are a useful tool for foiling, but because it's easy to get your feet stuck, they also limit mobility and increase the risk of injury, particularly to the ankles. This is especially true during the early stages of foiling progression, when crashing at awkward angles is common. Foot Hooks are the happy-medium. They provide key leverage to get the board in position and keep it secure but, unlike foot straps, they're extremely easy to disengage from during a crash. Foot Hooks give you the security and stability you want while eliminating the risks of injury from getting your feet stuck in foot straps.

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Breaks too easily

- 8/19/2018

I broke 2 of them in one session after about 20 times overall usage. Very disappointing and a pain to get back to shore once they are broken as they lay flat on the board where you want to position your feet.

Kiteboard straps

- 5/15/2018

They do the biz, but they are a bit fragile.
I would give 5 stars if they were more robust.
However I did know about their weakness before I placed the order? I decided to buy them anyway, so not KB's fault in any way. Come on "Slingshot" upgrade this p...

Slingshot Half Strap

- 4/4/2018

Not happy - strap broke during first use, although retailer agreed to replace it. I haven't got the replacement yet. When I do I will attach it and hope the metal part at the base doesn't snap like the first one. JK

Slingshot Foot Hooks

- 1/15/2018

I love the concept, but have been very disapointed with the strength of both the NSI and Slingshot versions.

I put these on my foil board. One of the Slingshots broke after about 3 hours. I broke two NSI after about 20 hours each.

I think a n...

Foot hooks

- 9/6/2017

I love these things. I've always ridden strapless but I'm struggling on my foilboard. These really help out a lot. No tripping over front straps. I should have ordered 3 instead of just two

Slingshot foot hook

- 4/5/2017

Works great, easy install. Learning to use surfboard helps on waterstarts, and is a good comfortable toe hold.

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