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Naish 2024 Pivot Nvision
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Naish 2024 Pivot Nvision - Redesigned from the ground up, the Pivot Nvision is the standard for a high-performance all around kite. Aluula and Quadtex canopy combine for the most durable premium kite on the market all while delivering unprecedented speed and responsiveness. Quick recovery from kite loops, vertical jumps every time, and crisp and instant bar feedback, this kite is your ultimate progression partner no matter your discipline. The Pivot Nvision is not just a gear upgrade, it's a quiver upgrade.
PKS Full Carbon KISS Hydrofoil Bar v2 - Complete Bar - Ready 2 Ride
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New from PKS Distribution, the Full Carbon KISS Kite bar. 100% hand made in the USA. Available in standard sizes of 45cm, 50cm, and 55cm with custome sizes available upon request. Colored end connection loops are standard for outside line leader connections.  

Designed in house by Jeff Howard, the Carbon KISS bar was designed with light weight foiling and racing in mind. The bar weigh in as low as 4 ounces. depending on length, and is the ultimate in simplicity and minimalism.

Comes with replaceable, Red and Blue mini Leader lines with loops to attach whatever leaders suit your riding style.  

This bar is available now with custom setups and line lengths.  
-No slip Matt Grip finish- Grips to hands when wet
-7/8" outside Diameter 
-Full carbon Line winders ends with colored loop ends
-Solid carbon polished center hole
-Hollow Super light weight ends.

2023 Duotone Evo SLS - 20% Off
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2023 Duotone Evo SLS

The best performance all-rounder in the Duotone line up! The Evo SLS is exceedingly capable as a freeride, big air, hooked freestyle, and with the SLS construction, delivers an unparalleled dynamic flying experience.


  • 7m  |  8m  |  9m  |  10m  |  11m  |  12m  |  13m 

If you want the ultimate in performance across the widest range of disciplines, the all-new Evo SLS is the kite you need in your quiver. Built using the SLS construction and materials, including the incredibly lightweight and durable Penta TX, combined with Trinity TX to shave up to 15% of the kite's weight compared to regular models. It's not just about making the kite light, though; the construction also makes the kite stiffer, which improves the flying characteristics in every area. You get more pop, and better take offs along with huge hangtime. The handling is incredibly dynamic, helped by the new Flex Struts, allowing the kite to twist resulting in significantly faster and tighter turns. The pulley less bridle means less maintenance and better handling, especially when throwing kite loops. Total control is right at your fingertips at every stage of every trick as the kite becomes an extension of your body. The weapon of choice for riders looking for a high-performance versatile kite, the Evo SLS performs no matter your riding style. Big air, freeride, hooked freestyle and wave riding are all a dream with the new Evo SLS, except this is a perfect dream that you can revisit every time you hit the water!

List Price: $2,280.00
2024 Duotone Evo D/LAB
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2024 Evo D/LAB - Freestyle / Freeride / Wave
The new Evo D/LAB offers the ultimate in freeride kitesurfing with never-previously experienced performance in a huge range of conditions with incredible low-end power and total control.


  • 6m | 7m | 8m | 9m | 10m | 11m | 12m | 13m

The Evo D/LAB delivers a large performance upgrade to our most popular kite model. The new Aluula frame construction offers unrivalled durability while delivering substantial performance enhancements. Firstly, the lightweight nature, with each kite saving up to 30% on the overall weight compared to regular kites, means the Evo D/LAB can fly in the lightest of winds. This makes it great for foiling or for light wind freeride; as the wind increases, the Evo D/LAB offers incredible performance for tricks and jumping that you have to experience. Secondly, the handling, thanks to the reduced weight and stiffness of the Aluula material and the pulley-less bridle, the kite delivers the most dynamic ride with great acceleration. The kite reacts to your inputs like an extension of your arms, instantly responding to input on the bar. Powerful loops are at your fingertips with incredible upstroke reaction thanks to the reduced weight. With huge hangtime, the Evo D/LAB delivers an experience on the water unlike any other - at any time you know the position of the kite in the wind window. You will discover incredible power at your fingertips with full depower whenever you need it. The all-new Evo D/LAB is the pinnacle of both technology and design, delivering a unique kite that will offer you performance on the water that will blow your mind. Take the Evo D/LAB for a ride, experience it yourself, and decide if you can live without it.

Ozone Fusion V1 Wing
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Ozone Fusion V1 Wing


Five years ago, we launched the FUSION project. The goal was to combine our manufacturing expertise with our knowledge of foil kite, inflatable kite, paraglider and wingsuit design.

After utilising all the resources of our in-house production facility, the new FUSION freeride wing marks a paradigm shift in performance and is tailored to riders seeking higher speeds, dynamic jump and flight potential along with previously impossible angles up and downwind.

Ozone Flux V1 Wingboarding Wing
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Ozone Flux V1 Wing

The Flux V1 will sit within the wing range in a similar max-performance position that the Edge holds in the Ozone kite line-up. Suited to good intermediates to advanced freeriders looking for the latest handling advantages, the Flux will be available to the public from early June.

SIZES: 6.5 / 5.7 / 5 / 4.3 / 3.6 / 3

    Comparable position in the range to the Edge - max-performance, crazy speeds, epic jumping also with low drag and stability for wave riding!
    Compact plan form and incredible forward drive
    Custom built hard handles for the ultimate feedback
    Suiting good intermediate freeriders and beyond
    Packed with the latest handling advantages for mind blowing sessions
    Available publicly early June
Ocean Rodeo Glide A Series Wing - 20% Off
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Ocean Rodeo Glide A-Series

40% lighter than the industry standard!
2.5m | 3.0m | 4.0m | 5.0m | 6.0m | 7.0M

We took everything we learned while developing our A-Series kite range and all the technological advancements and opportunities that the ALUULA composite material provides and implemented them into the A-Series wing design.

When we first revealed the ALUULA material to the public, there was reasonable and valid debate as to whether the hype would really match up to the material?s potential, and to the performance levels that we were promising. Happily, as we?re now hearing from every corner of the planet as more and more people put ALUULA to the test, the hype has lived up to our expectations, and then some?
List Price: $1,919.00
Ocean Rodeo Glide AA Series Wing - 20% Off
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Glide AA-Series Wing - All Around - Surf / Freestyle / Race Wingboarding Wing

New for 2023, the Glide AA is our first all ALUULA composite wing and the launch pad for new ALUULA technologies: Aeris and Aeris X airframe and canopy materials.
86gsm Aeris X delivers outstanding stiffness to the center of the leading edge and strut tube, while 74gsm Aeris provides the desired wing tip reflex.
Light, stiff and durable, 46gsm Aeris X canopy extends the upper and lower wind range of each size, while taking canopy tear resistance to a new level.
The combination of these technological upgrades results in a wing that is exceptionally stable, lightweight and user-friendly. This advanced wing allows you to concentrate on your riding experience without being hindered by any drawbacks typically associated with traditional wings.
The Glide AA is compatible with all Ocean Rodeo Matrix wing handles and comes with the new Quick Click Wing Leash - a self aligning connector pin makes clicking in and out a one-handed operation.
Recycle-ready - The ALUULA Aeris and Aeris X materials used for the airframe and canopy in the Glide AA-Series are recyclable at the end of their useful life.
List Price: $3,559.00
2023 Duotone Unit D/Lab - Wingboarding Wing - 25% Off
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The wing that needs no introduction, the Unit D/LAB is the pinnacle of wing design and the benchmark in performance. The Duotone Laboratories' mission is to develop the absolute best products and break boundaries within wind sports. As a result, the Unit D/LAB features the most cutting-edge premium materials and construction technology with no expense spared in the pursuit of the ultimate ride. Only after it has excelled all expectations and passed extensive rigorous testing does it achieve the prestigious D/LAB seal of approval.
 3.5m | 4.0m | 4.5m | 5.0m | 5.5m | 6.0m | 6.5m

For 2023 the Aluula leading edge and strut combine with our new MOD3 canopy and the result is mind blowing! The latest version of Aluula fabric offers unmatched weight, ride compliance and response, which results in a lighter wing with improved lift, drift, power and hang time. The instantaneous feedback from the Unit D/LAB allows you to fly earlier, jump higher and rotate quicker. The MOD3 Canopy channels the energy from the Aluula material into pure acceleration and sheer grunt! The higher modulus MOD3 fabric holds the shape of the wing with double the strength in the warp direction and 3 times the stretch resistance in the bias direction over a traditional canopy. Lower stretch significantly improves draft stability, power delivery and the pumping efficiency of the wing, which ultimately allows the use of smaller wings in lighter winds and the new Unit D/LAB sees an increased usable range. The new durable MOD3 remains crisp and fresh like its day one and in addition, significantly improves the tear resistance and canopy strength. Similar to the design refinements seen in the Original Unit for 2023, designer Ken Winner has optimized the dihedral angle, as well as the tip and strut twist for enhanced drift stability when surfing or flying through basic manoeuvres. The front handle has been reinforced for better stand-off and control when surfing with your wing flagged, while the window layout offers better visibility for improved safety allowing you to always see your surroundings. Our rigid handles have revolutionized wing design for their direct steering and power transfer allowing the rider quick adjustments through its grip range combined with pump-and-go simplicity while maintaining a lightweight minimal size that is easy to pack away at the end of a session. The Unit D/LAB excels in the surf but loves powerful riding, jumps and tricks at all levels. It?s your choice between Unit Original and D/LAB but just keep in mind, if you want the ultimate in performance then it has to be the Unit D/LAB!
List Price: $2,069.00
Crazyfly Elite IV - Freeride / Freestyle Kiteboard
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Crazyfly Elite IV - Status defined
The best of the best just got better. With the introduction of a brand new carbon weave our engineers crafted a version of the Elite like never before. The smoothest possible ride. Alive and in control under feet. Dynamic with just the perfect amount of flex and pop. Goes through chop like a hot knife through butter. And all at the lightest possible weight without compromising strength and durability. The Elite is what you get when designers have free hands and costs do not play a role. The only focus is on maximum performance and minimum weight. The Elite IV is more than a board. It is a status. Our benchmark, and an icon. The most advanced and the lightest board we know how to make. It highlights everything we know as designers and everything we are as makers and passionate kiters.

The Elite IV is minimal in design and maximal in performance. The design shows the elegance of carbon fiber engineering in its purest form. Full carbon fiber hand made construction without any top sheets minimizes weight and highlights the natural raw beauty of carbon fiber for an unbeatable look. On the water the Elite IV stands out from the crowd. We believe it is the most flexible carbon board and is extremely comfortable to ride. With the double concave bottom channels, it is a smooth ride no matter the conditions. The low weight is immediately noticed during maneuvers, jumps and board offs. The Elite IV has quite a lot of pop thanks to the latest HMX-CF3 carbon fiber construction with the fastest possible power transfer.

Construction wise, there are only the best available materials on the Elite IV. The air inside wood core has hollow spaces in strategic areas between the top and bottom carbon layers to save weight. The layup features two layers of carbon on the top and two on the bottom. One layer is CompFlex 4T5 carbon with 45 degree angled fibers for optimal torsion flex, which makes the board stiffer in heel to toe direction. This is topped with a brand news HMX-CF3 carbon which gives the board strength along the length of the board. The HMX-CF3 carbon is the thinnest, lightest and highest tensile strength carbon material.

The Elite IV is a masterpiece of extreme light weight engineering, minimal design, and maximum performance
North Sonar Full Carbon - Complete Wingboarding Foil
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Sonar Carbon Foil Edition

Crafted to perfection
Insane response. Incredible performance. Our highest quality pre-preg carbon modular foil edition provides a stiffer, more direct feel and more immediate feedback. Engineered with exceptional stiffness for all disciplines, the CF Edition is made from lightweight and durable carbon pre-preg components and has a reduced swing weight for an agile, dynamic and direct feel, and great pumpability. The refined one-piece mast design is tapered for optimal load transfer and lower surface friction, and features our unique GeoLock system. The longer CF85 mast increases overall ride performance in choppy conditions. The CF72 mast is ideal for shallower waters, prone surf foiling and towing. For 2022 we've added stability, performance and efficiency with the 700mm Carbon Pre-Preg Fuselage and new S270 Carbon Pre-preg Stabilizer.


Carbon CF72 or CF85 Mast with cover, C700 Fuselage, S270 Stabilizer with cover, Tool Kit, Screw Packs B,C, Sonar Travel Bag

Sonar CF85 or CF72 Mast
GeoLock Load Bearing Connection
NEW S270 Carbon Stabilizer with easy breach recovery
Industry-standard 165x90mm bolt pattern
C700 Carbon Fuselage
Modular foil system
Supplied with Sonar CF Edition  Travel Bag
Front Wings Sold Separately
Foil to board mounting screws sold separately

Mystic Stealth Kiteboarding Waist Harness - Retro Orange
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2023 Mystic Stealth Waist Harness - Retro Orange

Always improving, always streamlining that's how our best products are crafted, and our latest upgrades to the Stealth are no exception. As our most lightweight harness to date, the Stealth weighs in at just 900g (or 1,98lb) which is 37% lighter than the previous model. All this is due to the Stealth's shape and padding, which is now built in 3D, giving us a minimal yet smooth grip all around. Freedom of movement is optimized by removing height from the sides, which also reduces the pressure points when riding. The Battlebelt is now thinner and half the thickness of what it used to be, saving on weight and minimizing friction. To round it off, the Stealth features our new Flexcover storage system with an integrated safety knife pocket.