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Dakine Foil Quiver Bag 135cm (no wheels) - 30% Off Last One
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Dakine Foil Quiver Bag

Our kite-specific hydrofoil travel bag. The Foil Quiver Bag is fully padded with a dedicated padded compartment for mast, wings, and fuselage. Easily stow up to 2 complete foil sets unassembled, including a clear vinyl pocket with hook and loop closure for stashing tools and bolts. Handles and shoulder straps are padded too, for comfortable lifting in and out of the back of your rig, or carrying through the airport. Very versatile and durable.

List Price: $184.95
Slingshot 3 Wing Quiver - 3.5m, 4.0m, 5.0m
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Complete Slingshot 3 Wing Quiver


Slingshot Slingwing V3    Size: 3.5m
Slingshot Slingwing V3    Size: 4.0m
Slingshot Slingwing V3    Size: 5.0m

List Price: $4,800.00
North Sonar Full Carbon Foil - Demo with 85cm Mast/850 Front Wing
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North - Sonar Carbon Foil DEMO with 85cm Mast, 850 Front Wing, C600 Fuselage, and S01 Stabilizer

Demo Includes:

  • Carbon CF85  Mast with cover
  • 850 Front Wing with Cover
  • C600 Fuselage
  • S01 Stabilizer with cover
  • Sonar Travel Bag
List Price: $1,759.00
North Sonar 1500R Foil Front Wing - Demo
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North 2021 Sonar 1500R Front Wing - Demo 1500R Front Wing
The Sonar 1500R is a true crossover wing with real performance across every foiling discipline. So stable, you?ll feel like you?re like standing on the ground. The 1500R is great for prone foil surfing in medium to large waves, has a smooth carvy feel and fits nicely in the pocket. Its predictable lift gives you time to find a comfortable stance without fighting to keep the nose down as the foil accelerates. So you?re able to remain in the same position over the entire speed range. The balance of the foil system means you can place your back foot further behind the mast, letting you ride the board more like a shortboard. Our new, specialised reflexed-camber foil section design gives the wing pitch stability and prevents your board?s tendency to nose up strongly when you first get going. Thus, it eliminates the need for you to change your position to trim the board as you speed up, or as you drop-in on a wave. The Sonar reflexed wings have a relatively large surface area, which makes them highly controllable, with incredible roll and pitch stability. Usually, a large wing means more drag, hence less speed. But because you can position the reflexed wings on the fuselage with a lower angle of attack, they feel smaller than they are in terms of their speed range and responsiveness. A reflexed wing gives you impressive control throughout the entire speed range, with extreme top-end speeds unheard of for a wing that size.
List Price: $529.00
North Sonar High Aspect Foil Front Wing - Demo HA1250
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North 2021 Sonar HA1250 Fron Wing - Demo Foil Wing

The High Aspect HA1250 beats upwind like nothing else. The ultimate front wing for wing-foiling at speed, the HA1250 boasts high lift, speed, and glide in flat or choppy water. Exceptional efficiency and pumpability allows you connect wave after wave when prone or SUP foil surfing. It?s high wingspan to chord length ratio and relatively thin profile is similar to a sailplane glider wing. With this style of wing, you generate maximum efficiency and lift. The short chord length defines the profile thickness, and with a thin profile comes reduced drag. The span gives you stability, with a slightly longer radius turn than a lower aspect ratio wing of the same size. The Sonar HA1250 is an ideal wing for those days when the rides are long, and waves peel endlessly across the bay.

List Price: $549.00
2023 North Sonar High Aspect Hydrofoil Wings - Demo HA950
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North High Aspect Ratio Sonar Foil Front Wings - Demo HA950 in excelent condition
The Sonar High Aspect Front Wing Series is engineered for the highest speed and efficiency possible across a range of disciplines ? from kite foiling to prone foil surfing. With this style of wing, you need minimal pump and power to generate glide. The shorter chord length defines the profile thickness, and with a thin profile comes reduced drag. The span gives you stability and a slightly longer radius turn than a lower aspect ratio wing of the same size. The wingtips are refined to ensure there is no ventilation when you tip breach, giving you the ability to crank tighter radius turns at higher speeds, without losing speed.

? Your stand-out wing for intermediate to advanced hydrofoil riders
? Also ideal for kite and prone foil riders
? Needs minimal pump and power to generate glide
? Wingtip designed for zero ventilation when you tip-breach

Incredibly efficient kite and advanced foiling
Zero ventilation wingtips

List Price: $619.00
Triton T1 Monowing Hydrofoil With 90cm Crazyfly Mast - DEMO
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Triton Foils T1 Complete Foil with 90cm Crazyfly Mast - DEMO

T1 Monowing:
  • All carbon - 4 layers of carbon wrap around closed cell foam and a solid pedestal core for a durable, light, 1300g tacking monster.