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Naish Zero Bar - Carbon Foil Control System - 20% Off
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Zero Bar - Foil Control System

The Zero kite bar was created to be a control bar that gives the rider the most direct control. To do this we eliminated all the EVA typically found on a control bar. Next we created a 3K carbon  control bar that utilizes our industry leading aluminum insert with a replaceable Nylatron insert. This insert reduces friction and wear on your center line, one of the factors giving the rider direct control of their kite.

SIZE: 50 cm


  • The all new Zero kite bar utilizes a 3K carbon  ber construction providing the stiffest control system with no losses in control due to bending. We used premium 400 TLS lines from Cousins for all the control and  flying lines. The Nylatron insert utilizes titanium hardware which prevents the screw heads from stripping. The quick release mechanism is made out of 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The Zero bar utilizes the industry leading cleat manufacture, ClamCleat, as the adjustable trim system.

List Price: $589.00
Naish Torque 2 + Torque QR Control System - 45% Off
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Naish Torque 2 + Torque QR (Quick Release) Control System

The Torque 2 + Torque QR Control System is a proven and high-quality control system. This control system provides ultimate safety and functionality for all styles of riding. The hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum bar center and Nylatron insert in combination with the PU-coated trim line, results in a smooth bar movement and protection against wear on the trim line. The external flagging line allows easy monitoring of the wear on the flagging line. Additionally, the swivel allows for near-effortless line organization to reduce front-line twists. The system also features above-the-bar trim providing the rider with full control over the trim of their kite. The streamlined bar length adjustment allows for fine-tuning your kite's turning speed. The high-quality construction, advanced safety features, and easy-to-use above-bar design make the Torque 2 + Torque QR Control System the perfect choice for any rider looking for a reliable control system that can keep up with their needs.
List Price: $589.00