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Naish S27 Pivot Freeride / Wave Kite - 50% Off
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Naish S27 Pivot High-PerformanceFreeride/Big Air Kite

Multi-champion of Red Bull's King of the Air competition, the Pivot is unrivaled in terms of performance, versatility, and general awesomness. Famous for its jumping ability, this kite offers incredible wave-riding performance, amazing response and tight pivoting turns. Backed by Naish's legendary construction, the Pivot uses only the best materials available. The Pivot has a very wide wind range and incredible power generation for fast, intuitive riding and huge boosts. Naish's flagship kite, the Pivot continues to lead the charge in innovation and performance.

List Price: $1,909.00
S27 Naish Boxer Single Strut  Freeride/Foiling Kite - 50% Off
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Naish S27 Boxer Single Strut All-around Freeride/Foiling Kite

Sometimes less is more. Weight matters and the Boxer is the lightest, most responsive kite in our lineup. Made to excel in light wind, waves, and foiling, the Boxer offers easy transitions and relaunch capabilities. Its unique luff strut design allows the kite to feather so you can hold it further back in the window and ride it there, which eliminates the problem of your kite overflying you in gusty winds. The single strut's rotational inertia creates even better handling for underpowered riding. If you're looking to maximize your light wind kiting or get into foiling, the Boxer is the best option on the market.
List Price: $1,739.00