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NSI Deceiver Pro Golf Kiteboarding Travel Bag 147cm with Wheels

The original Golf travel bag for kiteboarders.  The NSI Deceiver is the one that all the other companies have tried to duplicate. Made to the highest quality standards (like all NSI products) the bag is perfect size for 1-2 boards and 2-3 kites.  Travel test and is super durable.

NSI Heel Straps
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Soft and comfortable NSI Heel Straps help keep your foot in place on the kiteboard footpad.
NSI Proton Kiteboarding Footstraps
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The NSI Proton Kite Straps are comfortable, adjustable, lightweight, and symetrical footstraps that work great with twintips or surfboards.
NSI Rachet Kiteboarding Footstraps
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The NSI Rachet Footstraps are an extra wide, symmetrical footstrap that work for twintips or surfboards with easy, on the water adjustment.
NSI Surf Pad System
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The NSI Surf Pad System is comprised of multi-piece rear and front pads. Both pads feature a center section with two sets of inserts in a 2x4 pattern, which will cover most any foot strap position desired. The pads are made of multiple pieces so the layout can be optimized for a wide range of boards and riders.
NSI Surf n Skim Padz
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Turn your surfboard into a kiteboard!!! The NSI Surf n Skim Padz have built in threaded inserts for foot straps and feature an extremely durable specially formulated 3M adhesive providing a viciously firm grip.
NSI Foot Hook
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These foam shaped foot grabs are perfect for anyone who wants strapless riding freedom with some strapped security.
NSI Foot Hooker
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The NSI Foot Hookers are the next evolution in kiting straps. Made to offer the control of riding with straps while offing the freedom of riding strapless while reducing the chance of lower leg injury.
NSI Hydrofoil Foot Hook
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NSI has created the Hydrofoil Foot Hook. The Foil Hook has a smaller profile than the traditional Foot Hook, which allows it to be more durable in situations where there is a lot of torque and allows riders the ability to easily release their feet.
NSI Surface Mount Inserts
NSI Surface Mount Inserts are footstrap insert plates with specially formulated 3M adhesive for use on the surface of surfboards. Now you can put foot straps on any surf or skim board. Remove the straps for strapless surfing, screw them back on for strapped kiting or tow-in surfing.