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PKS Kiteboarding Trainer Fly Lines 20m (200lbs)

PKS Trainer Kite Lines fly above the rest. PKS trainer lines are rated at 200 lbs breaking strength. The PKS Trainer lines are made from Pre-stretched Spectra to the standard trainer line length of 20 meters. Stitched loops on both ends ensure easy larkshead connection to any trainer kite brand out there. 20 meters is the standard length for trainer and small-foil lines.

We can manufacture CUSTOM LENGTH trainer kite lines if you want them shorter or longer for special applications. Please contact us for custom line prices.

These PKS lines will work on any trainer kite out there including HQ, Slingshot, Sensei, Ozone, Liquid Force, Best, Cabrinha, North, Airush, Naish, etc. Trainer kites are typically from 1m to 4m (square meters) in size.