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Make your kite trips easy with a golf bag. These bags are designed to contain and protect all your kite gear: boards, kites, pump, harness, and water wear. We carry different size golf bags with or without wheels from all the top brands such as Dakine, CrazyFly, Ozone, Slingshot, Mystic, NSI, Naish, and others.
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PKS Golf Bag with Wheels
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PKS Travel Golf Bags are the best way to travel with all your gear: convenience of wheels, protection you need.

Dakine Club Wagon Kiteboarding Travel Bag with Wheels
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In Stock: 10003
Travel incognito with the Dakine Club Wagon Travel Bag. This high capacity golf style rolling kite gear bag has a single entry top zip that makes it easy to pack at all your gear inside. All terrain urethane wheels along with the padded front pull handle make it a breeze to roll.
Naish Travel Golf Bag 143cm with Wheels
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In Stock: 9998
The 143x44 Naish travel golf bag offers full top opening for easy access. Easily fit your board, two kites and a harness into this gear bag. With wide skateboard wheels, it offers a very smooth and stable roll even when fully loaded. Built in air vents will ensure that your wet gear will be able to breath and dry over time. With an internal board pad and straps, you can be sure that your board is not going to slide around or get damaged. An internal fin pocket makes it easy to find and store your fins for long trips. Two external pockets give you ample storage for repair parts, extra lines or even a set of golf balls, just in case you need to complete the mirage of traveling with golf gear.
Slingshot Golf Kiteboarding Travel Bag 145cm with Wheels
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Fully padded and featured, the Slingshot Golf Travel Bag is perfect for travel with for your kites, twin tip boards and accessories. Holds up to 3 kites, 2 twin tip boards plus harnesses and wetsuits.
NSI Deceiver Pro Golf Kiteboarding Travel Bag 147cm with Wheels
In Stock: 10002

The original Golf travel bag for kiteboarders, the NSI Deceiver is the one that all the other companies have tried to duplicate. Made to the highest quality standards (like all NSI products) our bag is THE RIGHT SIZE and is super durable.

Mystic Pro Golf Kiteboarding Travel Bag 150cm with Wheels and 2 Vacuum Bags
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In Stock: 16
A MUST have! The Mystic Pro Golf Bag will handle all your traveling needs! Lots of additional features to ensure easy and comfortable traveling, including 2 Vacuum-compression bags, mini hand-pump vacuum, neoprene-covered handles, and two large compression straps in bright blue for easily visibility in the airport.
Ion Gearbag Tec 1/3 Golf Travel Bag 145cm with Wheels
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In Stock: 4
The ION Gearbag Tec 1/3 Golf travel bag with wheels gives you all the room you need to go on the longest of kiteboarding trips. The bag was made to hold 1 board plus 3 kites in addition to your harness and a wet suit.
Ion Gearbag Tec 2/4 Golf Travel Bag 165cm with Wheels
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In Stock: 3
The ION Gearbag Tec 2/4 Golf travel bag with wheels gives you all the room you need to go on the longest of kiteboarding trips. The bag was made to hold 12boards plus 4 kites in addition to your harness and a wet suit.
PKS Golf Travel Bag (no wheels) 140cm
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In Stock: 9996

PKS Travel Golf Bags are the best way to travel light. No wheels means less weight, means more gear.

Dakine Outlaw Kiteboarding Travel Bag 140cm (no wheels)
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In Stock: 9999
The Dakine Outlaw is the perfect travel bag. An all in one kite bag system, the Dakine Outlaw integrates light weight compression kite bags, internal board slot and backpack straps. Fully padded to keep your gear safe.
Ozone Kiteboarding Travel Board Bag 145cm (no wheels)
In Stock: 9999
The Ozone Kiteboarding Travel Board Bag will easily hold 2-3 kites, a couple boards, and have plenty of space left over for your bars, pump, wetsuit, and other travel gear. A separate double-padded section with straps keeps your board in place and protected.
ION Core Wakeboard Bag (no wheels)
In Stock: 5
The ION wakeboard bag is perfect for carrying around your board with boots, Or 1 board and two kites. Perfect for carrying your gear from your vehicle to launch. Bag also protects your board from harmful UV rays in between sessions.
Manera Session Kiteboarding Travel Bag 153cm (no wheels)
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In Stock: 8

The 2016 Manera Session Bag is an excellent travel bag. Pack a couple twintips and 5 kites with your kiting accessories and travel without worries with the durable Manera Session Bag. Material is a crucial part of a boardbag design, so all the materials have been tested and re-tested on these boardbags to be the best on the market so the bag will follow you around the world for years.

Dakine Kiter's Duffle Kiteboarding Travel Bag 135cm (no wheels)
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The Dakine Kiters Duffle Bag is made to lower the overall weight allowing you to take more! The Kiters Duffle is simple and gets the job done. It has a comfortable shoulder strap and easy to grab handles.
List Price: $159.95
PKS Wheeled Surf Bag 190cm
In Stock: 10000

The PKS Wheeled Surf Bag 190 is modeled after the very popular PKS Golf Bags with all their great features and padding, but in a 190cm size to fit most kitesurf SURF and WAVE boards (6'0" and smaller).    

PKS Gear Trunk Bag
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In Stock: 9999

The PKS Gear Trunk is a duffle bag that goes the extra mile for you!  Backpack straps, compression straps, Roof-rack Tie-Down loops, and plenty of room means you'll be using this for all your storage and traveling needs.