Neoprene Hoodies

These neoprene jackets and hoodies will keep you toasty on and off the water by cutting the wind chill factor. Oversized and warm, they are great for warming up after your session or while taking a break. Hyperflex and Prolimit know what it takes to keep you warm.
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This stay warm package is perfect for the winter months.  Included with the popular Playa Hoodie is a pair of Neil Pryde 3 finger gloves and Fireline beanie.  Package discount saves you $72.

List Price: $264.95
: $238.50
It is cut exactly like a “hoodie” sweatshirt. Oversized and warm, it features a hollow fiber lining and skin exterior. It holds virtually no water at all, so it is windproof and waterproof against the elements.

: $179.95

The windpoof Prolimit Hydrogen Jacket is the perfect light-duty windbreaker to stay warm while rigging, packing up gear, or taking a break in between sessions.

List Price: $140.00
: $89.95