Flotation and Impact Vests

Safety in kiting is very important, especially when learning how to ride or a new trick. Impact vests protect against hard landings on the water from a missed jump or hard fall while flotation vests help keep you afloat in deep water. These vests give safety and peace of mind.
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Dakine 2016 Kicker Vest - Impact Vest
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The Dakine Kicker vest provides impact protection with some float. Constructed with 1/2" closed cell foam and features slide tech mesh outer to keep your vest and harness from ridding up on you.
List Price: $149.95
2016/2017 Dakine Surface Kiteboarding Impact Vest
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The Dakine Surface Vest provides the ultimate in high-impact protection. Waist or seat harness compatible, the Suface Vest will protect you from impact, while providing flexibility and freedom to ride.
2017 ION Booster X Vest
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the ION Booster X vest will enhance your ride by giving you additional confidence knowing that you can ride hard and ride safe.  Additionally, as a kiteboarder specific vest, it features a harness hook fixture to keep the vest from riding up.  Since 2011 ION has made sure that ALL their vests meet CE standards and pass the rigorous testing process according to PPD89/686/EEC. 
NP High Hook Flotation Vest
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The Neil Pryde High Hook Flotation Vest is made specifically with kiteboarding and windsurfing in mind. The webbing is designed to fit beneath your spreader bar to keep the vest from riding up and into your face, a simple design that works perfectly. The vest is lightweight, flexible and has convenient, side-zipper entry. Includes a Velcro chest pocket and reflective panel.

Mystic D3o Kiteboarding Impact Vest, Size XS - 50% off (1 left)
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The Mystic Force Impact vest D3o is the most technologically advance on the market, thanks to the state of the art D3o material, intelligent molecule system which can react differently depending on the Severity of the impact. This gives the Force Impact vest maximum comfort and protection.
List Price: $150.00
DEMO LiteWave Kiteboarding Impact SlamVest
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The LiteWave Integrator Slam Vest is a step forward in slam protection. The design enables the user to integrate the vest with a seat or waist harness to keep the whole unit snug and prevent it from riding up.
List Price: $130.00