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Kitesurfing is a complete different animal from kiteboarding but just as fun. Kite surfboards can even offer better light wind performance than a lightwind-specific twintip. Now at a fraction of the original price, these boards won't last long from Crazyfly, Airush, Slingshot, and Cabrinha.
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2017 Crazyfly Skim - 15% Off
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The 2017 Crazyfly Skim has a straighter outline for improved the low end performance and upwind ability. It is a perfect toy for light wind fun and small surf conditions.


List Price: $469.00
2017 Crazyfly Strike Surfboard - 15% Off
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The Strike delivers maximum performance in small to medium surf and works great for strapless freestyle tricks. It features a cut off nose shape for powered snappy turning and straighter outline for more control in the chop. This outline allows the Strike to have as much volume as regular surfboard shapes, even with the cut off nose.
List Price: $999.00
2017 Crazyfly Strapless Surfboard - 15% Off
The 2017 CrazyFly Strapless is designed for newschool freestyle strapless tricks, small waves and light wind conditions. The Strapless has a wide outline with the most volume in our range, yet it is also the lightest board in our range, which makes it perfectly suited for strapless airs.
List Price: $999.00
2017 Crazyfly ATV Custom Surfboard - 15% Off
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The 2017 Crazyfly ATV is the most versatile board in their range. The ATV was designed and developed with Tommy Gaunt, who has been shredding waves all over Australia, Antigua, Cornwall and Scotland, so the board handles a large variety of conditions ranging from small to big waves. With a medium rocker, the ATV planes early and generates speed.
List Price: $1,049.00
2017 Naish Hover Foil - 30% Off
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HOVER FOIL, an All-around Freeride Foil.
Foil with confidence with the forgiving and accessible Hover Foil. With three available mast lengths to swap out as skills progress, the Hover makes it easy to learn and advance. A low aspect main wing planes quickly for smooth take-offs and stability, while a relatively long fuselage lends additional support. Once up, the foil situates itself naturally in the water for a balanced ride that makes for easy tacking and moving upwind and downwind with ease
List Price: $995.00
2016 Slingshot Screamer Kiteboarding Surfboard - 35% off
Unorthodox by design and radical by performance, the 2016 Screamer appeals to the new-era of kiters who want both solid wave performance and progressive freestyle capabilities out of the same surfboard.
List Price: $900.00