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Kites at the lowest prices you will ever see from top brands such as Crazyfly, Ozone, Slingshot, Naish, Cabrinha, and F-One. Keep checking back for more great deals on kites.
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Ozone R1 V1 Performance Foil Kite - over 50% off
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In Stock: 9999
The Ozone R1 is the peak of race and foil kite performance. The R1 will have you riding faster and pointing further upwind than any kite out there. New air intakes on the leading edge allow for quicker inflation and a solid, closed-cell foil.
List Price: $3,315.00
2016 Crazyfly Sculp Freeride Kite - 40% off
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In Stock: 9999

The 2016 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range. With a re-designed shape the Sculp delivers more hang-time and power, while sticking to its core values.

List Price: $1,925.00
Ozone Access V6 Snow Kite Complete - 25% Off
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In Stock: 10000

The Ozone Access V6 is the perfect snow or land kite for entry level kiters. The low aspect design is super stable in the sky, handles gusts well, and provides consistent power. The Ozone Access comes with Ozone's new Re-Ride safety system which makes landing and flagging out the kite easier than ever.

List Price: $1,275.00
Ozone Summit V3 Snow Kite Complete - 25% off
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In Stock: 10000

The Ozone Summit V3 is the peak of snowkite performance, meant for fast riding, glide-y jumps, and quick mountain ascents. The Ozone Summit comes with Ozone's new Re-Ride safety system that makes for landing and flagging out the kite simple.

List Price: $1,785.00
Ozone Edge V8 Freeride / Race Kite - 25% off
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The Ozone Edge V8 is the quintessential big air and freeride kite. The high-aspect race design gives extreme upwind performance and blazing speeds. These speeds translate directly to higher jumps and the Ozone Edge V8 will deliver incredible hangtime.

List Price: $2,720.00
2016 Crazyfly Cruze Light Wind Kite - 30% Off
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In Stock: 9998
The 2016 Cruze is a dedicated lightwind kite in our range coming only in 15, 17 and 19m sizes. With Flat-Delta shape, deep profile, and high aspect ratio, the Cruze generates a lot of power even in marginal wind conditions. Despite its larger size, the Cruze maintains the agility of a smaller kite thanks to its shape.


List Price: $2,200.00
2016 Naish Fusion Kite Control Bar - 50% off
In Stock: 107

Ideal for a wide variety of freeride, freestyle and wave riding, the 2016 Naish Fusion 4-Line Control System provides a function-rich design for an exciting, secure and seamless riding experience. The 2016 Naish Fusion bar has equal line lengths so it should work with most modern-day kites.

List Price: $499.00
2016 Cabrinha Recoil Overdrive Adjustable Kite Control Bar - 25% off
In Stock: 2
The 1X Overdrive Control System with Recoil features our premium adjustable control ends with our quick and easy QuickLoop opening harness loop.
List Price: $529.00
2015/2016 Cabrinha Quickloop 1X Kite Control Bar - 45% off
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In Stock: 15

The 2015 QuickLoop™ 1X control system was a carry over bar for 2016 - light weight, fixed length control bar featuring our all new QuickLoop™. QuickLoop™ is an opening harness loop connection designed to work specifically with our 1X single line flagging security system.

List Price: $440.00
2016 CrazyFly Sick Bar - 20% Off
In Stock: 10000
This year, the 2014 Sick bar has seen a number of upgrades, while sticking to its main ideals of simplicity and safety. Starting with safety, the new quick release has a new stainless steel lever mechanism inside, which reduces pressure and makes the safety easier to trigger.
List Price: $479.00