Neoprene Beanies

Most of the heat in your body escapes through your head, which is why beanies are so popular and a must when the temperatures start to drop. You can't wear a regular beanie on the water, so get a warm neoprene beanie to keep your body toasty in those frigid conditions. O'Neill, Prolimit, Neil Pryde, and Rip Curl are the leading manufacturers.
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O'Neill Neoprene Beanie
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O'Neill's Hood arsenal will regulate your body's core tempurature... While you regulate the line-up.
Ocean Rodeo Neoprene Beanie
In Stock: 10000
The Ocean Rodeo Neo beanie cap was made to keep your noggin warm when riding! The single grommet on back allows for small leader line to be attached to your suit to prevent loss if you wipe out. Slim fit adds little bulk under helmets or hoods!
ION Beanie
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The ION Neo Beanie is a great alternative for those who don't like wearing a Neo Hood.  Features Flat Lock seams, Wind Proof, and Leash.  ION's Neo Accessories protect and keep you warm.
List Price: $29.95
NP Fireline Neoprene Beanie
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In Stock: 9994
Of course the Neil Pryde Fireline Beanie keeps your head and ears toasty on cold days, but it's also the most comfortable neoprene beanie we've ever worn.