Comfort and quality are the most important features of have in your harness. Choose from many different options styles as well as brands. We carry Dakine, Mystic, Slingshot, Naish, Prolimit and more. 
Waist Harnesses
Waist harnesses are the most common harness for kiteboarding. Every brand out there makes a waist harness for the freedom of movement these allow the wearer. We carry Dakine, Slingshot, Prolimit, Naish, Mystic, NP and more.
Seat Harnesses
Seat harnesses have leg straps that stop the harness from riding up which is great for beginners. The lower hook point and center of gravity also makes a seat harness an excellent choice if you have back problems. Dakine has proven to be the leading seat harness manufacturer.
Boardshort Harnesses
Boardshort harnesses are exactly what they sound like, kite harnesses designed to wear like your favorite boardshorts. Each harness has neoprene padded internal leg straps to keep the boardshorts from riding up and provide a lower hook point for a lower center of gravity.
Womens Harnesses
Womens harnesses are strong enough for man, but specifically designed to fit a woman's body. They are contoured and shaped differently from a mens harness to fit the curves of a woman. We carry both womens seat and waist harnesses.
Impact Harnesses
Impact harnesses are a combination of an impact vest and harness. The harness spreader bar is integrated with the harness rather than being two separate pieces.
Snowkite Harnesses
Snowkite harnesses designed specifically with snow or land kiting in mind. One size fits all design is comfortable over winter clothing and the seat design stops the harness from riding up.
Harness Accessories
Leashes, spreader bars, spreader bar pads and hook knives. Anything you can think of to add onto your kiteboarding harness. From the leading manufacturers like Dakine, Slingshot, Naish........
Harness Closeouts
Kiteboarding Harnesses for a fraction of the price.