Kiteboarding Packages

Kiteboarding packages help take the guess work out of selecting the perfect set up; all-inclusive packages with gear for entry-level, intermediate, advanced, and light wind riding. With a range of brands from CrazyFly, Naish, Ozone, Cabrinha, Dakine, and Ride Engine - our shop tested gear recommendations can help you get started without having to research all combinations.
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2017 Crazyfly Sculp and Board Package
2017 Crazyfly Sculp and Boards Package.
List Price: $3,181.00
2017 Lightwind Package

2017 Naish Pivot Freeride Package

Brand new 2017 gear package for freeride. The 2017 Naish Pivot is ideal for a wide range of riders and styles. Its ability to turn on a tight axis without an aggressive pull makes this kite perfect for nailing jumps, charging the next big swell and everything in between.

2017 Catalyst Beginner Package

Brand new 2017 gear package for learning and freeride. The Ozone Catalyst V1 is a brand new design, built from the ground up as the ideal kite for beginner and intermediate riders. The new wing shape gives rider sheet-and-go power, great depower, and easy relaunch.

Personal Safety Package
Stay safe in the water with this essential package containing Aqua Azul water shades, Pro-Tec helmet, Dakine Surface impact vest, and Dakine Half-Finger sailing gloves.
List Price: $290.00