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Lifestyle bags as designed to fit into your active lifestyle. From cooler bags to keep your drinks cold to airline roller bags to backpacks and accessory packs we have you covered.
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ION Core Wakeboard Bag (no wheels)
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The ION wakeboard bag is perfect for carrying around your board with boots, Or 1 board and two kites. Perfect for carrying your gear from your vehicle to launch. Bag also protects your board from harmful UV rays in between sessions.
PKS Gear Trunk Bag
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The PKS Gear Trunk is a duffle bag that goes the extra mile for you!  Backpack straps, compression straps, Roof-rack Tie-Down loops, and plenty of room means you'll be using this for all your storage and traveling needs.    

Crazyfly Airline Roller Kiteboarding Travel Bag
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              JUST THE RIGHT SIZE

Travel in style with the new CrazyFly  Airline Roller. Small enough to fit in the overhead bin, but sturdy and durable to deal with the punishment of travel.

List Price: $110.00
Crazyfly Cooler Ice Chest
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New Crazyfly Cooler Bag is the perfect combination of thick heavy-duty insulation to keep 'em cold with space saving functionality. Holds 24 Cans or 12 Bottles with ease.

List Price: $50.00
Ozone Kiteboarding Wet Bag and Changing Mat
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The Ozone Wet Bag doubles as a changing mat and is perfect for changing on the go. Changing on the mat helps keep sand off your wetsuit and also keeps your car dry and less sandy from all the weat gear. Circular design has no seams to leak and heavy duty pull cord cinches the edge of the mat to enclose your wet gear.
Dakine Solo Bag
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The Solo bag can be attached the side of your harness for an easy access pocket. It is large enough for either a cell phone in a waterproof bag, a GPS, or all of your safety supplies. A must have for the solo sailer.


List Price: $16.00
Dakine Accessory Case
The Dakine Accessory bag is a greatly priced bag to hold all of your odds and ends.  From repair accessories to tools for your board, this bag is the perfect thing to keep in your car.  You could even use it to hold your toothbrush, because you never know when you could use some fresh breath. 
Dakine Cyclone Roll-Top Dry Backpack
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The Dakine Cyclone Roll-Top Dry Backpack is a great way to keep the things in your bag from getting wet or to keep the wet things in your bag from getting other things wet. Waterproof zippered front pocket keeps your phone and wallet safe and dry.
List Price: $125.00
Airush Zipper Utility Case
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The Airush Utility Case is a heavy duty soft case for organizing all of your kiteboarding essentials. 7 compartments allow you to easily sort small items like screws or bladder patches. Larger compartments hold fins, a handle, and even tools. The utility has two heavy duty zippers for easy access and is clear on one side allowing you to see what's inside.
List Price: $20.00