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We have a huge selection of twintips at clearance pricing. You don't see deals this good all the time. Closeout kiteboards from Crazyfly, Airush, Naish, Cabrinha, and more coming soon so be sure to keep checking back.
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2016 Crazyfly Addict Twintip Kiteboard - 35% Off
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In Stock: 10000
Addict is a completely new board in our range, replacing the Pro Tour and the Nuke. The Addict is a freestyle wakestyle crossover board for advanced to expert riders. It is designed and constructed to push the limits.
List Price: $900.00
2015 Airush Vox Twintip Kiteboard - 50% off
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2015 Airush Vox is a comfortable, stable, and easy to ride upwind board. The Vox is the go-to board for any entry level rider.

List Price: $580.00