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MBS Comp 95 Mountainboard
The MBS Comp 95 is the most versatile board, suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners looking for a board they won't outgrow to seasoned riders pushing the boundaries of the sport on a daily basis.
MBS Comp 95X Mountainboard
The MBS Comp 95X is the monster truck of the mountainboard world. With its large 9" MBS T2 tires and pre-installed brake system the Comp 95X bursts out of the box ready to tackle any trail you put in front of it.
MBS Core 94 Mountainboard
The MBS Core 94 is the ideal choice for kiters and mountainboarders who don't want their riding potential to be limited by the cash in their wallet. MBS has launched this year's Core 94 into a whole new league with a few critical upgrades, the most obvious of which is the advancement from F2 Velcro binding to MBS' new F5 ratchet bindings.
MBS Core 90 Mountainboard
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The MBS Core 90 is a superb board for land kiteboarding and freestyle mountainboarding. It combines a short deck together with lightweight All Terrain Skate (ATS) trucks, Twistar hubs, F2 bindings, and now T3 tires to create a very light and nimble board with unmatched lateral traction.
MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard
The MBS Colt 90 is an amazing entry-level to intermediate board that allows thousands of new mountainboarders and kiters each year to have a blast as they progress from beginners to winners.
MBS Colt 90x Mountainboard
The MBS Colt 90X is an awesome entry-level mountainboard that comes fully assembled and equipped with a brake system that every year gives thousands of new mountainboarders the confidence to tackle this exciting new sport.
MBS Atom 95x Mountinboard
The MBS Atom 95X is the perfect board for entry-level riders wanting to experience all aspects of mountainboarding. Beefy deck, F1 bindings and a completely installed V brake system give this board everything it needs to perform while keeping some change in your pocket.
Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard
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The new Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard gives you the ultimate effortless ride! A single battery gives you a range of 7-10 miles and allows you to reach top speeds of 22mph, bluetooth technology gives you truly wireless control. With the Vision Mobile App, you can even control the skateboard with your phone.
List Price: $1,399.00
MBS Atom Pintail Longboard
The MBS Atom Pin-tail longboard is a great entry level longboard at a great price. The classic pin-tail deck shape means that you won't get wheel bite when you're carving your hardest. Pair with a Sensei Trainer and go rip up your local sidewalk or parking lot.
MBS Atom Lowrider Longboard
The Atom Lowrider Longboard is a new new pin-tail deck design and the ultimate low carver. Riding this board is like riding a magic carpet. The Lowrider's super low profile geometry allows for incredibly easy pushing and superb carving.
Landyachtz Switchblade Longboard Skateboard - 40% off
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Fortunately you won't need to conceal this freeride weapon. Slash your way to the bottom of the hill with confidence, with a foot-space that is perfectly designed to keep you firmly planted. The Landyachtz Switchblade is a master of its trade, and is one of the best freeride boards in the world!
List Price: $245.00
Landyachtz Nine Two Five Longboard Skateboard - 40% off
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Top NASA scientist/ team rider Mike McGoldrick devoted his entire career developing this intergalactic spacecraft. Surf the Milky Way, explore the depths of the cosmos, or just get lost in orbit. The Landyachtz 9two5 is your Enterprise.
List Price: $240.00
MBS Atom Kicktail Longboard
The MBS Atom Kick-tail longboard is a great entry level longboard at a great price. The kick-tail deck shape allows you reap all the stability benefits of a longboard but still crack an ollie when needed. Pair with a Sensei Trainer and go rip up your local sidewalk or parking lot.