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HQ Apex 5 Depowerable Foil Kite
Improved control and progressive flying characteristics make the HQ Apex 5 a great choice for backcountry riding or your challenging entry into the world of powerkiting.
HQ Matrixx 2 Depowerable Foil Kite
The new Matrixx II is the next logical step after the first Matrixx and sets a new standard in terms of versatility.
HQ Montana 9 Depowerable Foil Kite
A new shape and air intake design increases internal pressure, making the HQ Montana 9 extremely stable for hard use in the backcountry or aggressive freestyle moves.
HQ Zeekai Depowerable Foil Kite
Straight from the start, the HQ Zeekai shows incredible potential. In the lowest of winds, the Zeekai moves with uncanny speed. It has a direct feel and fast response that provides ease of control, but this kite was designed for experts. The unique versatility of Zeekai offers stability, racing speed, lift and frightening hangtime.
HQ Rush V Kiteboarding Trainer Kite
Completely redesigned, the HQ Rush V trainer kite is in a class by itself. A new, extremely robust internal cell structure provides more durability than ever before.
List Price: $229.00