Flysurfer Soul 2 - All Around Performance Foil Kite

Flysurfer Soul 2 - All Around Performance Foil Kite

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Flysurfer Soul 2 - All Around Performance Foil Kite

The FLYSURFER SOUL product line appeals to all freeriders who do not set limits, like to travel, and want to rely on a safe kite. The SOUL is powerful and predictable from the get-go. It conveys constant, precise bar feedback and, thanks to its Park-&-Ride feeling, is a brilliant first foil kite that never gets boring as skills increase. In the hands of our professionals such as Olly Bridge, the product becomes a real big air machine that masters gap jumps and breaks woo records. While Theo de Ramecourt pushes his surfboard tricks, Laurent Lolo Guyot pulls fat loops on snowy slopes, and Lewis Wilby takes Airstyle to the next level with the landboard, we go for a relaxing hydrofoil session in front of the HQ. The legendary SOUL embodies the entire spectrum of kiting and is always the right choice.

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Wind Range

  • Ease of use
  • Effortless Boosting
  • TX-Light Construction
  • Technology Closed-Cell Foil Kite, 4-Level Ram Air, 35 - 41 Cells, 5 - 6 Aspect Ratio
  • Kite Focus: Freeride, Big-Air, Travel
  • Who is it for?  Beginner - Advanced

Technical Changes:
  • TX-Light Cloth - Increased tear resistance, improved diagonal tensile strength, Triple RipStop thread, soft and hard finish coatings, 33g / m?
  • Bridle Check Tool - Black marked reference points included in the line plan for measuring the bridle lines after long-term use
  • Wingtip Shape - Increases lift, improves turning and wingtip stability
  • Inflation and Deflation - Increased number of cross ports that improve inflation and deflation of the kite. Enables faster launching and more convenient packing.
  • Drainage system exit - 45deg cut-out to better drain water and dirt during the relaunch
  • Trim Checker - handle with splice lock and attachment points to attach the front and back main lines. Supports mixer adjusting
  • Reinforced suspension points - double layer of cloth sewn around points A1, B1, C1, Z1, Z2; damage prevention in the event of shock loads
  • Adapted sizes - Fine adjustment of aspect ratio and number of cells. Sizes 9 & 7 phase out.

  • SOUL 2 vs SOUL 1
The SOUL 2 is more durable and user-friendly. In direct comparison to its predecessor, it is easier to launch, has better handling in low wind, and sits more compact in the air. The SOUL2 feels more powerful from the getgo and gives direct feedback. Experienced kiters / dealers can use the Camber Trim System (Mixer) and the Profile Momentum Adjuster (PMA) to adjust the SOUL to personal preferences. Stability, power, and bar feedback remain.
  • SOUL 2 vs SONIC 3
The SOUL sits deeper in the wind window and is better suited for the first jumps, to get going, for unhooked tricks, and jibing on the hydrofoil. The overflying is lower, the wingtips are more stable and the turning is tighter (pivots less). The SOUL is the better choice especially in gusty winds and is particularly suitable in strong winds and for snow / land kiting. The SONIC needs more experience to fully exploit its strengths. We recommend the SONIC to riders for whom maximum performance is the top criteria.

  • Smart Performance Construction - Particularly good aging resistance, high tear resistance, additional ripstop threads, and enormous stiffness at only 33g / m2 make the TX-Light fabric perfect for the upper and lower sails of our foil kites. Inside, the TX-Light Hardfinish fabric enables increased use of cross ports. The leading edge consists of 44g / m2 DLX + fabric which better protects against abrasion and sharp-edged objects. Every fabric is optimized for its use, from UV-resistant surfaces and air-impermeable coatings to absorbent properties to improve airflow when wet.
  • Camber Trim System - Bridle levels of the kite are controlled by the mixer, a pulley system which modulates the angle of attack and the profile camber. The mixer features the two-ring camber trim system. Moving the rings changes the relationship between the B or C level relative to the A level. The profile of the foil kite can be trimmed to be either flat or curved.
  • Four-Level Ram Air Technology - The Four-Level Ram Air Technology (A, B, C, Z) distributes the forces over the entire profile depth of the foil kite and perfectly meets the requirements of a freeride product. Controlling the 4 levels via the mixer improves turning and supports relaunching. The foil kite changes its angle of attack as well as the profile camber without any loss of stability.
  • High Pressure Air Intake - The air intakes are integrated into the leading edge and ensure the optimal dynamic pressure in our foil kites. After the foil kite is filled with air, the walls of the air intake are automatically pressed together. The self-deflating is prevented, and the kite holds its wing shape.
  • Reflex Profile - The reflex profile keeps the foil kite stable at a low angle of attack and at full acceleration. The counter-arching pushes the trailing edge down and prevents a front stall. The reflex profile is essential for controlling and depowering a foil kite.
  • Automatic Drainage System - The Automatic Drainage System hides in the internal construction of our closed-cell foil kites. Dirt, water and small objects that got inside the kite slide automatically from the middle section to the wingtips. They exit the kite through two big holes at the trailing edge of the wingtips.
  • Bridle Check Tool - The bridle check tool makes it easier to compare the bridle line lengths. At each level (A, B, C, Z), on each wing side of the foil kite, black markings make comparing front and back main line lengths easy (see line plan). To restore the flight characteristics, length differences between B and C levels relative to A level must be annulled by moving the rings on the mixer. To maintain performance and stability, we recommend regularly checking using the bridle check tool, if the product is used intensively.
  • Profile Momentum Adjuster - The PMAs are knot ladders that are sewn onto the profile in inside the foil kite. They sit on the upper and lower sail between the A and B levels. By shortening the knot ladders, the profile camber can be adjusted, which gives the foil kite more performance or stability. If a change is made, it should be made symmetrically. We recommend the help of a FLYSURFER sales partner to ensure correct settings of the Profile Momentum Adjuster.
  • SOUL Kite only
  • UNIVERSAL Kite bag
  • LIGHT Bag
  • Compression Strap
  • Trim Checker
  • Sandbag
  • Repair Kit
  • Kite Safety Guide
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