PKS Full Carbon KISS Race Control System

PKS Full Carbon KISS Race Control System

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PKS KISS Race Control System

After more than three years of development and testing, we have finalized the KISS Race Control System version of the KISS Kite Bar. The Race bar was developed with a much longer throw, a 4:1 fine tune trim system, a double ring, shackle style connection, and a single front-line flagout.

KISS Race System Features:

  • 4:1 Fine Adjustment Trim System
  • Extra Long Throw
  • Mini-Racerback Clam Cleat
  • Adjustable Leader Lines
  • Single Front-Line Flagout
  • Double Ring Shackle Style Connection
  • All Lines and parts easily replacable

New from PKS Distribution: the Full Carbon KISS Kite bar. 100% handmade in the USA. Available in standard sizes of 45cm, 50cm, and 55cm with custome sizes available upon request. Colored end connection loops are standard for outside line leader connections.  

Designed in-house by Jeff Howard, the Carbon KISS bar was designed with lightweight foiling and racing in mind. The bar weighs in as low as 4 ounces. depending on length, and is the ultimate in simplicity and minimalism.

The Bar comes with replaceable, Red and Blue mini Leader lines with loops to attach whatever leaders suit your riding style.  See Them Here: MIni Leader Lines Video


  • No slip Matt Grip finish- Grips to hands when wet
  • 7/8" outside Diameter 
  • Full carbon Line winders ends with colored loop ends
  • Solid carbon polished center hole
  • Hollow Super light weight ends. The Bar only does float.
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