Kite Repair

We have everything you could ever need or want to fix your kite (aside from somebody to repair it for you, but we can help you with that too). Self-stick valves, replacement bladders, replacement lines, pulleys, pigtails, spare parts, and complete repair kits that have everything you need. 
Self Stick Valves
Replacement self stick valves from are a quick and easy way to fix any bladder that's lost a valve. They can also be used to build a new bladder for your kite if it's damaged beyond repair.
Tough bladders for leading edges and struts were specifically made to stand up to the rigors of kiteboarding. These bladders are great in combination with the self stick bladders to build a brand new kite bladder for your kite.
Sail and Dacron Tapes
Sail tape and dacron tape make kite repairs easy to get you back out on the water quickly. Tear Aid works well for a quick sail repair and also to patch a bladder. These tapes are a must-have for the kiters need in their backpack for a do-it-yourself repair.
Bulk Line
Bulk line is available by the foot or spool for do-it-yourself replacement lines for your control bar, bridles, and kite.
Pigtails are handy to have around all the time. They are great for adapting your bar or kite to work with another brand or allow adjustability of your lines.
Pulleys wear out over time with salt and sand so it's great to know we have you covered if you ever need a replacement. We carry all types: sliding rings, traditional pulleys with rollers, and sheaveless blocks. Get them with or without pigtails, whatever you need to connect it directly to your kite.
Kite Repair Kits
Repair kits are essential to have on hand for quick kite, bar, line, and harness repairs to keep you on the water. We carry a variety of kits from and KiteFix.  Every kiteboarder needs at least one of these in their travel bag and car.
Chicken Loops and Depower
Everything you need to repair your bar and keep it working. Replacement chickenloops, depower lines, bungees, and swivels are available for many brands.
Stopper Balls
Active and fixed stopper balls for your bar depower systems for major brands such as Ozone, PKS, Slingshot, and Naish.
Tools make any job easier. Whether it's tightening screws on your board, sewing, or re-sleeving a line, these tools are great to make any repair.