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Daily Deals for Today!
Ozone R1 Ultra high Performance

Packed with state of the art technology, the new generation of ultra high performance kite is here: the R1. The R1 was born through radical design ideas during the development of the Chrono.

Developed without compromise using proven Chrono technology, the R1 produces breath-taking speed and performance. The ultra clean leading edge, smooth surfaces and number of cells give an insight into its capabilities.

2015 Naish Pivot
The 2015 Naish Pivot emerges in the lineup as a smooth, all-around freeride/wave kite for a wide range of riders and styles.  Freeride/Wave.  The most talked about L.E.I of 2015 best new comer.

Its overall structure and ability to pivot on a small axis of rotation provides quick and easy turning, intuitive steering and predictable power development. It features a medium aspect ratio for substantial low-end power, a “sheet-in and go” feel, easy jumping and great upwind performance. Thanks to its ability to make precision turns on a small axis with minimum power increase in the turn, the Pivot is also the perfect tool for smooth kiteloops.
Q-Power Line Set
Q-PowerLine Pro is the only line specifically engineered for Kiteboarding/Power Kite applications, and it's no wonder there's nothing better when you see what it is: high-strength, low-weight, low-drag, coated line reduces tangling. Linesets come with loops on all ends, but can add custom pigtails.

  • Spectra 2000 Linear Fiber for the highest strength/weight ratio
  • Round line with linear core minimizes drag with almost Zero % stretch
  • High-modulus (stiffness) reduces tangling, especially in the water
  • Unique extremely tight overbraid increases stiffness, resists dirt pickup, and allows for tying knots to adjust length without weakening the line
  • PU Coated, it's self-lubricating for smooth action
  • White, orange, grey, blue, red, or yellow for high visibility.
Versa X mount for GoPro
The new Versa X Mount is a 360-degree rotation mount that comes in a 3M-sticky-surface X-mount for application on SUPs, surfboards, kiteboards, etc. The rotating swivel will "lock" into position for a steady angle, yet can be changed on the fly as needed.
Now with the Versa Mount you aren't stuck with that one boring camera angle. MADE IN THE USA, Versa Mounts are a high-durability fiberglass/nylon mix with Marine-grade Aluminum swivel to be bombproof and last a long time no matter where you put it.  You can even heat up the adhesive to remove it from objects, and then re-stick elsewhere... the possibilities are endless.
Wiz Mount CU2Pack
The CU2pack adjusts to any position and holds your camera securely at any angle. Set up is fast and simple. The complete kit fits within the backpack, which can also hold your water, keys, phone, and other equipment. Top-rated safety – adjustable Safety Torque® clamping mechanisms withstand the most extreme maneuvers, yet allow Wizmount poles to slide, increasing shock-resistance and minimizing damage upon strong impact.

Strap on the CU2pack and get in the picture with all the action — even the most extreme maneuvers and conditions.
Quick Release EEL Board Leash
The retractable Oceanus EEL Quick-Release Leash is the latest and most versatile model. This Quick Release version of the standard EEL leash allows you to take it off your harness easily to leave it connected to your board. 

The QUICK RELEASE function allows a separation between where it attaches onto your harness and the leash itself.  This is very handy when you want to leave the leash with your twintip but keep using your harness (for example when switching between your twintip and a Surf board, Race board, etc.).  It also acts as a Safety feature in dire straits if you ever really needed to separate yourself from your board completely with the leash connected to the board. the number 1 repair and repair products website in the United States, has been repairing kites for over 15 years. We work closely with many manufacturers of kite equipment and accessories to develop our sport in a safe and performance oriented manner. Some of the companies we are partners include F-One, Ozone, Airush, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Crazyfly, Slingshot, Eclipse, Wainman, HQ Powerkites, Flysurfer, Flexifoil, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding, and GK Globe Kites. has progressed into a full service repair and warranty center. For this reason we are able to customize your existing gear to your specifications. So join us in this sport we all love and get out and ride. Here at we can provide sails repairs, leading edges repairs, strut repairs, bridle repairs, bar repairs, and anything else you need repaired.

No Kite Repair To Large Or Small

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