International Shipping: Can you ship a kiteboard?

It all depends on the kiteboard size and what country we are shipping to. Due to US Postal regulations we may not be able to ship to certain countries. Below is a rough estimate of shipping costs:

Shipping a Kiteboard to Canada = $40
Shipping a Kiteboard Internationally with US Postal to all other countries = $60
Shipping a Kiteboard Internationally with UPS = $175

The table below is the maximum length allowed for shipping with US Postal. If we can ship a kiteboard with US Postal, you are looking at paying around $60.00. If it is not possible to ship with US Postal, we will ship with UPS which will cost around $175.00.

Country US Postal max shipping dimensions board shippable with U.S. Postal Service?
Great Britain 152 cm yes
Andorra 152 cm yes
Argentina 106 cm no
Australia 106 cm no
Austria 152 cm yes
Azerbaijan 152 cm yes
Bahamas 106 cm no
Barbados 106 cm no
Belgium 152 cm yes
Bermuda 106 cm no
Brazil 106 cm no
British Virgin Islands 106 cm no
Brunei Darussalam 106 cm no
Bulgaria 106 cm no
Canada 152 cm yes
Cape Verde 106 cm no