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 2012 Ozone Reo's:
The highly anticipated Reo's are in the shop and we have been busy "testing" them out.  Three Struts, No Pulleys, and a short basic bridle keep the Reo clean and lightweight.  This kite has a big wow factor on the water and everyone was impressed with its stability, rock solid feel, and great all around performance.  These days there are a lot of good kites out and it takes a lot to get us excited.  This is one of the few that really sets itself apart.  The amazing thing is this kite loves to boost as well, so even the freestyle guys will love it. 

Main Points:
- 3 Struts
- Mega Depower and insane float and drift
- FAST Turning

New Products that make your life easier:
Here are some new (and some we have had for a while) products that make our lives easier day to day.  For anyone that is riding every day these are a must have item that you won't know how you lived without.

Ozone Wet Bag:
Perfect for parking lot changing, you can now transport all your wet gear home in style without getting sand and water all over your car.  Great for wetsuits, booties, wet harnesses, boardshorts etc...  Smart design lets you step on it so you dont get parking lot grime on your new suite.
 See the Video Product Review

Only $39.95


Kite Weight Bag:
Finally back in Stock!!!!  You guys have been asking for these forever and we now have them.  Simply fill up with sand and use the closure system that prevents sand from escaping to have a nice easy to use kite weight bag.  Super handy, something every kiter should have in the car.

Only $19.99


PKS Changing Towel
The PKS Changing Towel lets you quickly change clothes for your next kiteboarding session without waisting time or getting arrested for indecent exposure.  The simple design is hand-crafted in the U.S. and reinforced in all the right areas to make sure it lasts.  The Changing Towel also makes a great gift for any water sports enthusiast. 
 See the Video Product Review

Only $34.95

  HitchSafe: Trailer Hitch Lock Box
After having these for months now at, everyone at the shop that has a hitch has a Hitchsafe.  Super simple and easy to install.  Provides a safe spot to stash your keys, credit, cash etc.  Also really handy for storing a spare key for those of us who have a habit of leaving the keys in the car (or have friends who do).  Fits any standard hitch on all cars.  We really can't say enough about these. 
See the Video Product Review

 Only $69.95 Water Jersey:

Tired of burning up this time of year wearing a normal rashguard?  At we designed these rashguards for kiteboarding in the hottest climates where you need to keep the sun off but stay cool.  Sure you can just wear a normal T-shirt but they get freaking heavy the first time you fall in.  Made of fast drying, Jersey material, these water shirts stay lightweight and cool.  

Available in Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve

   Only $32.00

Don't be a windmeter-less kiteboarder!   These things last forever and are so handy for knowing what the wind is really blowing.  Prevent going out when there is too much or too little wind and great for picking out the right size kite to pump up.  Jeff has had his for over 8 years now!!!  So small they can fit in your pocket or kite bag. 

 Starting at $59.95

Brand New Kites - Closeout Pricing 
2010 Slingshot RPM
Starting at $949.99  was $1679
2011 Cabrinha Switchblade
Starting at $912  was $1999
2011 Cabrinha Crossbow
Starting at $1112  was $2209