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Handy-Dandy Self Launch Tool
This little tool makes self launching and landing so much easier.  Everything needed is included in this nice neat compact design.  Be sure to click the video tab to check out how it works.
 $18.95 *Free Shipping
While we would never recommend riding in shallow water, if you ever find yourself falling is just inches of water this technique may help.  Try and land flat on your chest or back.  Many times a rider will try to land on their feet or stick out an arm but this can cause serious injury. High speed belly flops may not be the best feeling but it can save some major pain. 
2011 Slingshot Rally: 
Pre-Order a Kite and Receive a
$100 Gift Certificate
The Rally keeps impressing everyone at as we get more sessions on it.  The Rally's are in the UPS truck and scheduled to arrive next week.  Simply place a order online and receive a $100 gift certificate for each Rally you order. 
Click Here to see Jeff's Review of the Rally (Click Review Tab)
"Turning speeds are very fast, comparable very close to the the turning of my Octanes which I consider one of the fastest kites on the market, this I believe also comes from its over all light weight and also smaller tip area giving it much less swing weight when turning. Bridle is very simple, no pulleys to fail or wear out, just direct connect. Jumping- when the winds are solid and strong this kite has a great pop and Float, much better then any other delta type shaped kite we have tested. Overall I have to say the Rally will at this time become my kite of choice for sure." - Jeff Howard 
We have the best deals on 2010 gear you are ever going to see.  2010 kites, boards, harnesses, and more at up to HALF OFF!!!!  Just be sure to not tell the bossman about this so we can all keep our jobs and you can keep getting these amazing deals.  More products will be added in the following week so be sure and keep checking back to see what comes next.
 2010 LF Envy Complete
8m / 10m / 12m
Starting at $749 was $1699
 2010 LF Havoc Complete
10m / 12m / 14m
Starting at $799 was $1699
 2010 Naish Cult Complete
Starting at $1049 was $1899
 2010 Naish Helix Compl.
All Sizes Available
Starting at $959 was $1899
 2010 Naish Charger
7m / 9m / 11m / 13m
Starting at $799 was $1599
 2010 SS Octane Compl.
11m - ONE LEFT!!!
Only  $1,199 was $1699
 2010 LF Concept DLX
134cm / 138cm
$399.99 was $699.99
 2010 LF KAOS
 $369.99 was $699.99
  2010 LF WLF
 $299.99 was $499.99
  2010 LF WLF LTD
 $369.99 was $699.99
  2009 Naish Thorn
130cm Complete
 $399.95 was $749.00
  2009 Naish Sol
131cm Complete
 $379.99 was $699.00
 2010 LF COMP Harness
All Sizes
 $129.99 was $149.99
 2010 LF 2.0 Lux Harness
All Sizes
 $129.99 was $149.99
 2010 LF Comp Stp/Pad
 $109.99 was $159.99
 2010 LF Lux 2.0 Stp/Pad
S/M or L/XL
 $99.99 was $139.99
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