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GoPro HD Cameras Now in Stock!!!
Show all your friends and family how cool kiteboarding really is with one of these super easy to use cameras.  Now with HD the video quality is simply crazy.  We have all the mounts so you can put it on your board, helmet, mount to your kite or lines, and just about anywhere you want.   Make videos or take pictures, these tiny little cameras are great for water sports and any action sport you can think of. 

(or $14.99 off of a 4GB or 8GB SD Card)
with a GoPro HD Surf Hero.  Select your sd card from the drop down menu and enter
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2010 Naish Elite 

Lots of back support and smart features like an integrated bar pad.  This is the harness of choice for Naish's team riders.

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  KB Blog Update:
World Champ Aaron Hadlow, Holly Beck diving with a Whale Shark, and the famous  SUPing with Great White's video, We have a little bit of everything for you.  All shot with just the GoPro.

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GoPro HD Surf Hero
In Stock!!!
So getting your friend to stop kiting and shoot some video for you just isn't happening.  Grab a GoPro and make some vids that everyone will have fun watching.  

New Toys for your GoPro HD...
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GoPro LCD BacPac 

Battery BacPac 
GoPro Wrist Mount
KiteHero GoPro Line Mount

 2011 Dakine just came in the DOOR!!!
2011 Dakine Pyro
The Pyro has been the hands down favorite harness of advanced freeriders for years.  Dakine has brought a totally new design that has been majorly beefed up and has a new pre-curved back panel for great lumbar support.  If you like riding powered up, or just need a top of the line waist harness that offers plenty of support this is one of the best options.
  2011 Dakine Renegade Harness
The Renegade was one of our most popular harnesses last year, and Dakine has touched up the shaping to be even more comfortable this year. The key to this harness is a super flexible and lightweight harness paired with a precurved back to give you support where you need it.  For the wave guys, this is one of the best harnesses you can get and is the harness of choice for several of our team riders.
  2011 Dakine Tackle Box
Keep all of your tools, fins, repair tape, valves, and all your other kiteboarding trinkets organized and easy to get too.  This is one of those items you will not know how you lived without once you get it.  Not only kiteboarding, this bag is so useful for just about any sport or hobby.  Perfect for making your own first aid kit. 
  2011 Dakine Compression Bag Set
It might not seem like a big deal, but these bags are sweet!!!  Perfect for travel, they let you cinch up your kite tiny and save tons of room and weight.  Also perfect for throwing your wetsuit, booties, and gloves in.  Shoulder carry strap, lightweight nylon, and double cinch straps.  Bags are different sizes for smaller or bigger kites and different colors let you quickly know which kite you are grabbing (and you can always write the size in the white logo area). 

Buy 4 for $14.99 a piece  OR  One for $16