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2020 Dakine Fusion Kiteboarding Seat Harness - 19% Off
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2020 Dakine Fusion Seat Harness

The Dakine Fusion Seat harness is THE harness for offering a lower hook point for kiting, relieve some stress from your back and enjoy longer rides.
New for 2020, Dakine has introduced the Curv composite flex shell.  Acheive the perfect amount of support and comfort.  Also new for 2018, EVA foam lumbar pad, the most popular harness just became even more comfortable. A great harness for beginners and expert riders.

List Price: $190.00
2020 Dakine Nitrous Kiteboarding Boardshort Harness - 19% Off
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2020 Dakine Nitrous Boardshort Harness

The Dakine Nitrous boardshorts harness integrates years of harness development and technology with the styling and comfort of boardshorts.  The 2020 facelift includes different sizing from XS to XL and the. Great for those who like the lower center pull point.

List Price: $130.00
2020 Dakine C2 Kiteboarding Waist Harness - 19% Off
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2020 Dakine C2 Kiteboarding Waist Harness

The Dakine C2 waist harness: redefining fit and performance. The C2 combines adaptive fit technology with Texon counter/stiffener for support and comfort like you've never experienced before. The AFC is thermo-pressure sensitive, which over time, allows the harness to adapt its shape to match the rider's body, creating a custom fit.

List Price: $230.00
2020  Dakine Pyro Kiteboarding Waist Harness - 19% Off
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Dakine 2020 Pyro Waist Harness

The 2020 Pyro.  Adaptive Fit and Composite back panel made with Texon counter/stiffener means you get all the comfort and support of a cush harness with the latest hard back technology. With a slightly lower profile, the 2020 Pyro is the most comfortable Pyro ever.

List Price: $240.00
2020 Dakine Vision Woman's Seat Harness - 19% Off
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2020 Dakine Vision Womens Seat Harness

Simplistic yet Supportive - Seat Harness

Loaded with features, the 2020 Dakine Vision offers a lower profile fit and adjustable hook height.  Ultimate comfort with a simplistic seat harness design, with padded leg straps.
List Price: $120.00
2020 Dakine Chameleon Kiteboarding Seat / Waist Harness - 19% Off
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2020 Dakine Chameleon  Seat / Waist Harness

Get the best of both worlds - Convertable - Seat & Waist Harness

The 2020 Dakine Chameleon Seat/Waist harness suites a wide variety of Kiteboarders.  It is a softer harness yet has great back support with the integrated pre-curved P.E.B. and ES foam support. The Dakine Chameleon comes in a wide rage of sizes all the way down to an XXS, if you have a younger son or daughter just getting in to the sport, this is a harness that fits the smallest of riders.  A great seat harness for a beginner to progress to the waist harness as their skill level increases.

List Price: $140.00
2020 Dakine Renegade Travelight Kiteboarding Waist Harness - 19% Off
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2020 Dakine Renegade Travelight Waist Harness

The all new 2020 Dakine Renegade Travelight is a completely new harness for 2020. It is specifically designed to be light weight and easy to travel with. Using a Curv composite flex shell, you get the comfort of a standard harness with the convienince of a travel harness.
List Price: $160.00
2020 Dakine Wahine Women's Waist Harness - 19% off
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Dakine 2020 Wakine Womens Waist Harness

The 2020 Dakine Wahine has an All New shape made of Curv Composite Semi-hard shell for just the right amount of support and movement.  The Wahine has a more narrow fit for a more comfortable fit for women.

List Price: $150.00